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June 3, 2006

A Real Life' Internet Version Of 'Fahrenheit 451' ?

Topics: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Blog-police alert! The Saudi female blogger Eve just had her blog blocked in Saudi thanks to the valiant efforts of the "Saudi male Blogistanis who really hate to see women expressing themselves over the inetrnet, or like, anywhere".

Incredibly, there is an "Internet Services Unit" website that has an "Unblock request form" to be used If you feel that a certain web page(s) should be unblocked - you fill it out and send in your suggestion.

Egyptian Sandmonkey has more...

Only the Saudis would think of coming up with an updated version of Fahrhenheit 451 - just for the Internet! Ray Bradbury's got to be jealous.

I went to the "unbloc" site and wrote the following message to the Saudis:

The fact that your government has blocked this site shows backward-thinking, and a poor understanding for the need for free speech in today's modern world. This is the opposite message I would think that a modern Saudi government wants to send to the world - your thought police-style tactics will only encourage more forward-thinking people to speak out more strongly.

The story of this blog being blocked is now being spread throughout the world by blogs such as "" and many others, and in turn by their readers via email. Your Internet censorship reminds me of the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451 in which the government banned books. Now Saudi Arabia has come up with one better, blocking the Internet to prevent a free-thinking blogger from publishing her thoughts.

Perhaps enough such comments will encourage them to reconsider trying to restrict the freedoms inherent in a free and open society - oops, forgot, their society isn't open, certainly not to women, and it surely isn't free.... You can't even read a bible in public!!!

Posted by Richard at June 3, 2006 8:18 PM

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