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June 2006

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June 30, 2006

Palestinian Terrorists Demand Release Of 1,000 Prisoners For Cpl. Gilad Shalit
I Am A Muslim Woman
Are Iranian Missile Specialits Being Trained At An Aerospace University In Southern Russia?
An Inconvenient Truth About What Is Reported About What Scientists Say About 'An Inconvenient Truth'
Rice, Lavrov quarrel on Iraq
Ontario Human Rights Commission Warns of 'Islamophobia'
Doctors Remove Lightbulb From Mohammad's Anus
Unrequited War - Iran's (Unanswered) 26 Year War Against America
Palestinian Terrorists Promise More Abductions
Occupied Byzantium: Denigrating Dervishes Dance on Image of Christ, and the World Yawns
Remembering Entebbe

June 29, 2006

The Declaration of Freedom of Humanity
One more Palestinian barbarity!!!
Freedom's Zone Has A New Look
Israeli Civilian Executed By Palestinian Terrorists - Apparently "Guilty Of Hitch-Hiking"
Palestinian Terrorist Group Taunts Israel Over Kidnapped Soldier
The Palestinian's Ongoing War Against Reality
A sad day for America: Supreme Court sides with those trying to destroy us !!!
Palestinians Suffering From Their Own Culture
America's Supreme Court Rules Against America's Efforts To Protect Americans From Gitmo Terrorists
Has the battle with illegal immigration already been lost?

June 28, 2006

I'm Back
"Look Ma! That Democrat is not wearing any clothes, and now I can see that underneath he's a traitor!"
'Exposing Finance-monitoring Program Amounts To Spying For Terrorists.'
IDF Operating in Ramallah, Possible Asheri Kidnapper Arrested
Anatomy Of The Palestinian's Tunnel Raid At Karem Shalom
Why Does The U.S. Military Continue It's Anti-Christian Agenda?
Are Palestinians Using Iranian Weapons?
Onward To One World Government: What Do You Know About President Bush's 'North American Union'?
Benefits Of 'G-had'

June 27, 2006

Christians still 'swine' and Jews 'apes' in Saudi schools
IDF Crossing Into Gasa (7:32PM ET Update - Tanks And Troops Move In)
Hillary Clinton's Image Renovation
Bush Consoles Russia, Ignores Barbaric Slaughter Of PFCs Kristian Menchaca And Thomas Tucker
Rush Limbaugh Detained For 'Drug Possession'
Breaking: Khamenei dismisses Iran-US talks
Gaza Palestinians Prepare For IDF Assault

June 26, 2006

Fight Cancer - Avoid Nitrates In Food
Coffee Could Help Keep Diabetes Away
On The MSM's Spinning Of Haditha
New Evidence In The Haditha Incident - Evidence That Indicates John 'Cold Blooded Murder' Murtha Should Be Censored
About Those Treasonous Media Leaks Of Our National Secrets During A Time Of War: Didn't We Execute The Rosenbergs For Less? (Updated)
Muslim Blogger Speaks Out On 'Muslim Silence'
IDF: Kidnapped Israeli Soldier Held By Senior Hamas Officials - Looks Like Palestinian Leadership Really 'Stepped In It' This Time (Updated)
'Madman' Murtha: America Bigger Threat To World Peace Than Iran Or North Korea
North Korean Diplomatic Strategy A Carbon Copy Of Iran's
Scientists Learn How Hospital Bug Evades Attack

June 25, 2006

PC Dike is Breached
UN Human Rights member involved in torture, rape of journalists, bloggers
UK 7/7 bombers, US subway bombers and Iqra bookstores
Stem Cell Treatment Allowing Brain To 'Heal Itself' May Help Stroke Victims
Cat fight over immigration - Canada and USA
Council On American-Islamic Relations Complaining To FBI About Blogs
Palestinians To Israel: We Have WMDs And Will Use Them! (Updated)
Iran's Islamic Regime: Much To Win - More To Loose
So Much For 'Pan-Arabism'
Latinos 'Driving U.S. Population Growth
Osama To Allah: 'Big Time Thanks For The New York Times'!

June 24, 2006

On The Incredible Barbaric Murder Of U.S. Soldiers In Iraq - 'Where's The Outrage'?
Dear New York Times, L.A. Times, and The Wall Street Journal
Miami terrorists practice Islam-Judaism-Christianity mix
The Load On The Back Of Our Marines And Soldiers
The Day I Might Believe America Is In Decline
Introducing Myself

June 23, 2006

The New York Times - 'Keeper Of All Secrets' (NOT)
You Just Think You Know Crazy: 'Free ride for illegal aliens on way to Manassas'
Marine General 'Buddy' Of John 'Cold Blooded Murder' Murtha Gives 'Their Guilty Of Murder' Speech
A Brief Message To The Mainstream Media About The War On Terror (Updated)
About Those Forbidden 'M' And I' Words ('Muslim' And 'Islam' or 'Islamic' )
On Iran's Choice Of 'Death Or Suicide'
Iran Urging UN To Stop 'Defamation' Of Islam

June 22, 2006

Huge Terror Raid Going On In Florida - Related To Sears Tower Plot
On The Right vs. Left - Debate and Monolithicity
ACLU Defending Communist Propaganda For Children
Kofi Annan 'Shilling' For Iran
She was Killed for Refusing Abortion
Notice Of Delayed Posting (Updated)
More On Those Chemical Weapons Found In Iraq
New Kerryspeak For 'Cut N Run' Surrender - 'Empower' Iraq

June 21, 2006

Meet The Leaders Of The Party Of 'Cut N Run'
No WMDs In Iraq? Think Again - 500 Chemical-Weapons Shells Found In Iraq !
CAIR Teaching Jihad In Islamic Summer Camp For Children
Head Of U.S. Episcopal Church Prays To - 'Mother Jesus'
An example of Spanish MSM bias
Real Torture And Murder In Iraq: Where's The National Outrage?
Iran and Ahmadinejad Stalling For More Time To Cheat, Deceive, And Develop Atomic Weaponry
George Soros' (Leftist Behind MoveOn.Org) Human Rights Watch Enabling Palestinian Propaganda And Ignoring Truth
Jawa Report Downed By Cyberterrorists
'Payback' Began Even Before The Mutilated Bodies Of Our Two Soldiers Were Found

June 20, 2006

Reminiscing about the past: "Only fools who do not heed the lessons of History, are doomed to repeat it!"
Too much night light raises breast cancer risk
Discrimination Against Christians In The UK
A Saudi 9/11 Scholarship Fund - To Study Aviation???
John 'Cold Blooded Murder' Murtha - Exposed!
British Helping In Search For U.S. - Based Islamic Terrorists
Welcome Abdul!
A 'Kos - Corzine' Connection
Is A 'Liberal Wing' Of The Presbyterian Church Morphing It Into A 'Cult'?
New Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church Okays Homosexuality

June 19, 2006

Bush To Iran: World Won't Back Down On Demand For Halt To Uranium Enrichment
Iranian Hotties You Won't See In Downtown Iran
Help Dump Murtha In PA
Hamas Must Ponder Sacrificing Morally Currupt Ideology Of Hate For Political And Financial Gain
To The AP - Palestinian Sexual Predator Is Simply A Harmless Romantic
Suicide Bombing: 'Best Defense A Demented Offense'
Is 'Tribalism' Our Real Enemy In Iraq?
A 'Small Quote' On The Call By Some To 'Understand Islam'
Group Linked To Al-Qaeda Claims Abduction Of Two Missing Soldiers In Iraq
So What's Up With Howard Dean And His 'Take Out' Lieberman Agenda? (Updated)

June 18, 2006

Murtha: Zarqawi Could Have Been Taken Out From - 'Okinawa' ?
Al Qaeda Aborted N.Y. Subway Attack
Did Iran Give Up Zarqawi To The West?
Iran rejects 'preconditions' to nuclear talks
More On The Two Missing Soldiers In Iraq (Update)
"Nuke Talk" At Friday Prayers In Iran
Disgusting Leftist Dribble From The New York Times

June 17, 2006

Darfur: the Situation So Far (Update)
Woman's ID Stolen by Dozens of Suspected Illegals
On Father's Day
We Can Thank Zarqawi's Address Book
U.S. Soldiers Missing In Iraq
Morales to defend with weapons Bolivia, Cuba and Venzuela from US
Ahmadinejad 'Weighing Proposal' Or 'Iran Buying Time While Secretly Developing A Nuclear Bomb'

June 16, 2006

Islamic Terrorists Cut Off Noses And Tongues Of Villagers In Kashmir
Why Does The Left Hate Bush So Much?
CAIR - The MSM's Mouthpiece
New Stem-cell Findings Can Help The Body To Cure Itself
Obesity Linked To Increased Ovarian Cancer Risk (and other tumor types)
Iraq War Vet Fighting The Good Fight At Home
Haditha: What Do You Call A 'Hadithagate' And A Jenin - Rolled Up In One?
HarryTho 6/16 Natalee Holloway Commentary

June 15, 2006

Spanish immigration update
'Hadji Girl' Action Alert
President Bush To Establish Worlds Largest Ocean Preserve (Update)
Are Islamists Writing for the Associated Press ?
Reminding USMC HQ that Freedom isn't Free
'Brokeback Zarqawi' - Simply Awesome
About Those Palestinian 'Suitcases Of Cash'
Meet The U.S. Military's Next Islamothug Target In Iraq - Abu Ayyub Al-Masri
Intimidated By CAIR? Only When Pigs Fly!
CAIR , Ibrahim Hooper, And The 'Domination Agenda'
Marine may call Murtha as witness
CAIR Roared - Marines Whimped Out: Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad, Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah' - And CAIR Can Go To Hell

June 14, 2006

American Patriots At Geno's Steaks Are Now Being Sued
$1 Bn of Katrina Funds Went To Fraudsters
The Media Owe Rove an Apology
Islamic Prophet Muhammad: 'War is deceit'
'Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad, Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah'
Three Things To Remember About Haditha - Starting With 'Oops"
Islam: Religion of Peace? (Updated)
RWN's Ann Coulter Interview #3
Iraq's PM Maliki To Terrorists: Operation 'Going Forward Together To Show 'No Mercy'
House To Take 'Long Look' At Immigration Bill

June 13, 2006

Space Colonies ...
As They Search For Relevance - Dems Continue To Undermine War Effort
The Perfect Combination
Hyscience Attacked!
More On The Media's Reporting Of Israeli Shelling Of Palestinians That Didn't Happen - Or, 'Palestinians Kill Their Own As Biased Media Fake News Headlines'
Canada's Captured Terrorists Want Special Treatment
President Bush In Iraq (Updated)
Worldcup Insults Islam!

June 12, 2006

Unlikely That IDF Shell Killed Palestinians On Beach
Clinton: Hurricanes Are Bush's Fault ?
Coffee Offers Protection Of Boozer's Livers
Nutrition 21 Up on Diabetes Data From Diachrome
Autopsy Shows Zarqawi Died From Blast Injuries
FNC's Julie Banderas 'Smacks Down' Westboro's Shirley Phelps-Roper
'Iran accused of hiding secret nuclear weapons site'
Brother-in-law Of Taliban Leader Killed In Afghanistan
Al-Qaeda Website Names Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir As Zarqawi Successor
Life Is Better Than The Moonbats Want Us To Think It Is
Somalia Islamist Militia Ban Viewing Of World Cup
How They Killed The Murderous Terrorist/Pedophile - Zarqawi
What's Up With Nifong's 'Duke Rape Case'

June 11, 2006

Army hits its recruiting target for 12th month
The Left and the Death of Zarqawi
Allah Unhappy With Ahmadinejad - 'Iran fails to improve on their record of only one victory in the World Cup'
'Darth' Coulter - 'Dark Lady of the Sith'" ?

June 10, 2006

9/11 terrorist captured in New Zealand, deported to Saudi Arabia
"You Are All a Lost Generation"
Make Love, Not Terror

June 9, 2006

Who Is 'Ziad Khalaf Raja al-Karbouly' ?
At Last - Democratic Plan For Iraq Revealed!
Message To Zarqawi From Above
More On The Twisted Reaction To Zarqawi's Death From The Left
Email From Islamist Accuses Hyscience As 'Anti-Islamist'
While Iraqis Dance in the Streets the American Media Mourns!
Democrats File Suit To Keep Tom DeLay On The November Ballot
Media Rains On Parade Of Good News From Iraq: Feature Nick Berg's Dad, Who Compared Bush to Zarqawi

June 8, 2006

'Demise of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Courtesy of Task Force 145' (Updated)
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Wins U.S. Approval
Ahmadinejad: No Concessions Over Nuclear Rghts
A 'Good-News' Day For Iraq And It's Prime Minister
On The MSM's 'Broad Strata Of Society': Think Not - It's Jihad, Stupid!!!
So What's The REAL Truth About Haditha? We Surely Aren't Getting It From The MSM
Oil down, dollar up as al-Zarqawi dies
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Killed In Air Raid North Of Baghdad

June 7, 2006

Sex Offender Jerry Buck Inman Admits Killing Tiffany Souers
Evolution Of Dance (Video)
United Nations Complains About Criticism
Multiculturalism equals obliteration of freedom
Canadian Terrorism: A Case Of Nurture And Exportation Of Terrorism Having Come Home To Roost!
So What Ever Happened With 'Crazy Lady' Cynthia Mckinney's 'Slap A Cop' Case?
Bush Not Convincing Public On Illegals
BREAKING NEWS: Suspect In Tiffany Souers Murder Case Captured In Tennessee

June 6, 2006

Chinese remedy 'treats diabetes'
Jerry Buck Inman Wanted For The Murder Of Tiffany Souers (Updated)
The Prisoner has a Right to Starve?
Mogadishu Falls To Islamists - Sharia Courts Set Up: 'Echos of Kabul'
Honolulu Army Officer Refuses To Report For Duty In Iraq
The Video You Need To See: A Profile Of The Canadian Terrorist Qayyum Abdul Jamal
U.S. to Give Iran Nuclear Technology
Google's Cache
Canadian Terrorist Suspects Tied to Mosque
Canadian Terrorist Wanted To 'Behead" Prime Minister
Road rage 'a medical disorder' ?
There's Always A Reason To Celebrate Life - And Yes There Is Indeed Life After Cancer

June 5, 2006

Is There A Connection Between Toronto Terrorist Cell, Two Georgia Islamists, And A "Key Conduit For Al Qaida."?
The Canadian Terrorists - From A 'Broad Strata Of Society'?
'Flood' Of New Cancer Drugs To Soon Hit Market
On Denials - 'Here' and 'There'
Good News
Fundamentalist Islam Vs.Decadent Yankee Imperialist Culture
Five Afghan Police Murder Their Fellow Officers - Then Defect To Taliban
Hamas and Fatah Inching Closer to Civil War?
Scary Thoughts 101: Welcome To The New Jihad
The 'Fuzzy Math' Of Immigration Reform - Or How To Make 100 Million Look Like 10 Million
The Gay Marriage Ban
On The World vs. Iran's Race For The Bomb
We're At War With Islamists - But 'What's An Islamist'?

June 4, 2006

Is Tuesday The Begining Of The End???
Ten Heuristics of Life and Learning
On Today's Light Posting
Jury Awards $61 Million To "Terrorists" in Harassment Case
American Thinker: Some Thoughts on Haditha

June 3, 2006

Canadian Security Intelligence Service 'Secret'(?) Document At National Post (With Link To CTV Video Report)
New Drug Expected To Extend Lives Of Women With Advanced Breast Cancer.
A Real Life' Internet Version Of 'Fahrenheit 451' ?
Presbyterians Bearing False Witness?
A plea for assistance. Help save the life of an Iranian blogger
Captured Canadian Terrorists Were Targeting The Government Internet Spies Who Were Following Their Moves - Have Ties To Georgia Terrorists (Updated)
Terror cell in Canada busted
Chinese new arsenal and its implications

June 2, 2006

Debbie Schlussel: Lola Elzein Of The Muslim "Arab American PAC" Officer Threatens My Life/Family; ICE Official Linked?
Nothing New From Iran - It's Just More News Like Before, Just A Little Closer To A Gobal Nuclear War With Islamists Everywhere
Iran, al Qaeda and Islam- Precursors to Disaster
Death By Strangulation - The Incomprehensible Death Of Tiffany Souers (Breaking Update)
About The Politics of Immigration Reform
REPOSTED: Email From Disgusted Iraq Veteran... Moonbatism During War Time - PowerNet Credit Union President Okays Anti-Troop Sign But Forces Employee With Bush Sticker To Remove Car From Parking Lot
There's 'No Place Like Home'

June 1, 2006

Vectors Of Action Toward Peace Part II
Email From Disgusted Iraq Veteran: Moonbatism During War Time - PowerNet Credit Union President Okays Anti-Troop Sign But Forces Employee With Bush Sticker To Remove Car From Parking Lot (Updated: PowerNet President Offers Response)
Supporting Free Speech Proves Danish Intolerance - Is This Goodbye Europe Hello Eurabia???
Hamas Media Publication Features Child Urinating On Statue Of Liberty
Taking Democracy To The Muslim World - Approaches In Iraq And Elsewhere
Hack Job 101: ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Santorum In 'Fortuidous' Sense Of Timing
Al-Taqiya 101: On Time-Wasting Appeasement And Iranian Deceit
Head Of Immigration agency Slams Senate's Illegal Alien Bill