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May 25, 2006

Will they find the body ...

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... of Jimmy Hoffa? The FBI tore down a barn and removed the foundation at the Hidden Dreams Farm, a property once owned by a Hoffa associate and located close to the Detroit suburb where the former Teamsters chief vanished in 1975.

Why destroy another building in Hoffa's name?

The informant spurring the search for Jimmy Hoffa's remains is an ailing prison inmate who recently passed a polygraph test in the probe, says a government investigator familiar with the FBI operation in Michigan.

The informant, Donovan Wells, 75, remembers "suspicious activity" on what is now called Hidden Dreams Farm in Milford Township, Michigan, at the time famed labor leader Hoffa disappeared, the investigator said Friday.

More info on Wells:
A lawyer for federal inmate Donovan Wells, 75, sent a letter to U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III late last year warning he would alert the media unless federal officials acted on Wells' information and followed through on their pledge to seek his early release from prison.
Wells was sentenced to 10 years in prison in January 2004 for using his Detroit-area trucking company and drivers to ship large quantities of marijuana from Texas to Detroit from 1998-2001. Some of the information he gave authorities regarding Hoffa has already been verified and the FBI has suspected that the farm's prior owner, former Detroit Teamsters official Rolland McMaster, knows information about Hoffa's disappearance.

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