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May 12, 2006

While Washington Fiddles With Illegal Alien Problem - American's Like Ron White Pay The Price

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

John Hawkins at Right Wing News offers up an example of how the pro-illegal immigrant politicians in Washington are hurting ordinary Americans; take a look at this story about an Arizona rancher named Ron White - and then ask yourself how you'd feel if you were having to live under such conditions:

Ron White's wife and grandchildren can't even leave the house and White needs an "arsenal" just to defend himself on his own property? Why is that? So that some crooked business owner at a meat packing plant can get cheap labor? Because Democrats like Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy want to import a bunch of uneducated socialists into America whom they can turn into potential voters one day? Because Republican politicians have such a low opinion of Hispanic voters that they think the only way they can appeal to them is by rewarding illegals from Mexico for breaking our laws?
"When I moved out here we'd get five to 10 (immigrants) a month," White said. "When they started talking about amnesty prior to the 2004 election it jumped to 50 to 100 a day."

Now, White said, "My wife and my grandchildren can't even leave the house and go out for a walk in the country and I can't even ride the fence line on my ranch without an arsenal."

White said he started packing weapons after being confronted several times by large groups over the past two years, and that some of them tried to order him off his horse. He refused, and rode away.
Before that, "I never carried a gun in my life," he said.

"I've never hurt anybody in my life, but, my God, we're scared to death."

Well, while all this is going on, who's looking out for Americans like Ron White? Certainly not President Bush. Certainly not members of Bush's administration who bear responsibility for securing the border -- like Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, or Julie Myers over at ICE. Certainly not Republican Senators like John McCain, Bill Frist, Arlen Specter, Sam Brownback, Mike DeWine, Mel Martinez, Chuck Hagel, or Lindsey Graham. Certainly not the Democratic Party in Washington which overwhelmingly supports flooding our country with illegals.

While ordinary Americans like Ron White and others experience hardship and danger from the illegal aliens (they are NOT immigrants - they are ILLEGAL ALIENS), and Washington politicians play agenda poker and dance to the tune of the proponents of illegal immigration (they don't seem to understand that illegal aliens don't vote - except for the ones that the Democrats are registering illegally), the United States of America continues to face what's likely to be the greatest internal threat to its existence since the Civil War, the disintegration of its culture and its language, and of its cohesiveness as a nation of free people:

in short, as Frosty Woolridge puts it in his piece entitled "Myth Vs. Fact Of Illegal Immigration" - It faces massive infusion of unrelenting poverty; of crime; of diseases; of civil violence; of corruption at all levels; and worst of all, the United States faces balkanization that will destroy the fabric of its ability to function as a peaceful nation.

Sound a little scary and far fetched? Scary yes, but think real hard about what's really happening in America with the ever-increasing flood of illegal Mexican and Latin American immigrants (and a spattering of Middle Eastern terrorists) before saying this cultural disaster-in the-making is far fetched!

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Posted by Richard at May 12, 2006 4:03 PM

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