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May 16, 2006

Well, that wasn't a soaring eagle...more like a "lame duck"!

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

One of the accusations leveled by Democrats at President Bush during the 2004 campaign, was that "he was a divider, not a uniter."

Even most of President Bush's detractors will agree, that if there is one virtue (to a fault) to the man, is that once he truly believes something, he sticks to his guns. Well, apparently trying to become a "consensus" Chief Executive must have gone to his head....either that, or after six years of being the target of the relentless barrage of pernicious, vicious, partisan attacks by the left and the Democrats, he's just plumb worn out; after all, it can be a humiliating and harrowing experience that will leave your psyche marred for life....just ask former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan!

Unfortunately, what the President doesn't seem to grasp, is that no matter how much he bends backwards trying to achieve that "consensus," even were he to accede to every demand on the Democrat's agenda, nothing that he can ever possibly say or do will ever meet with the approval of the radical left-wing of the Democratic Party which now sways it, short of his committing suicide...and even then they would deride him for having placed Cheney in power!

So, ever since his re-election, we have witnessed how blunder after political blunder the President has failed to exercise "leadership" on the issues facing the nation, but has been either blase, or has wimped-out in order to appease either this or that political faction or another, or to appeal to certain special interests in his quest to be "consensual" while we, the people who elected him to office to represent and lead us, get "shafted" unceremoniously in that "consensual" exchange; as happened when he failed monumentally to push successfully for Social Security reform - fearing to thread on the fears of seniors and acquiescing to the Democrat's outrage that he should dare to fiddle with the "Status Quo" of that most "sacred" of American cows; or when he failed to live up to Harry Truman's dictum of "the buck stops here" during Katrina and did not step in to take control when Governor Blanco's playing petty politics, and Mayor Nagin's ineptitude endangered the lives of so many, and eventually cost the life of some, during the rescue and relief efforts - afraid that he would be stepping over "State's rights" as if the right of people to live and survive through such a catastrophe would not trump the legal technicalities and nuances pertaining to the"legal rights" of any State; or as with the Harriet Miers nomination - in order to appease rabid feminists who profess that keeping a male / female balance in the Supreme Court is far more important than "competency," or the Dubai Ports deal - in which he stubbornly stood up for the US to bend down and "open both cheeks" trying to suck up to our Arab "allies" who on the one hand do us lip service, while with the other funding and supporting Islamist terrorists under the table - and in order not to appear "judgmental" against "Arabs and Muslims" as if those that blew the Twin Towers on 9/11 and who are presently sworn to kill us by strapping themselves with explosives and blowing themselves up in our midst, were rather "Eskimos" or "Masai"! And now the immigration fiasco!

For months now, we have witnessed President Bush being literally led, politically, by the nose as if he were but a gelded bullock by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Hell, Senator Reid can be said, for all intents and purposes, to be literally running the country! All he has to do is throw a "hizzy-fit" and he shuts down the Senate, stops legislation dead on its track, and everything must meet with his "approval" or else, in spite that Republicans "supposedly" hold the majority in both Houses! Is that lame or what?!?!

From the outset, the President has failed to secure our borders, proposing a "Guest Worker Program" where the "guests" are the American people and the "illegals" get to become citizens and kick us out - in order to pander to the "open borders crowd" and to businesses bent to keep exploiting this endless fountain of cheap labor that is eroding the American middle class, our "National Identity" as a people, and the "American Dream"....which is literally turning into a Mexican nightmare in front of our very own unbelieving eyes!

It would seem that Mexico, with Drug Lords running the country, as in Nuevo Laredo and other Mexican border towns; the institutionalized "corruption" which has been the hallmark of Mexican governance since its independence still running amok at every level of the government; with a pervasiveness of illiteracy and an abject poverty which have permeated, and scourged its population relentlessly for generations, regardless of who comes to power; unable to exploit for the good of its people its vast natural resources and fertile land, while sending its citizens to take over "our" deserts; seems incapable of "putting its own house in order," yet, apparently, Mexico has the "ability" to legislate our laws in Washington - through its intensive lobbying!

It seems that at all levels of our government, when it comes to enforcing our immigration laws, or our Border Patrol securing our borders, or anything that has to do with interrupting the flow of illegal Mexicans swarming unhindered across our borders, we must always "check" with the Mexicans first - even Border Patrol agents "joke" that before they do anything they must call to get "approval" from the Mexican Consulate! Now, is that crazy or what?!?! Are we to maintain our "Sovereignty" only by the fiat and condescension of the corrupt Mexican government?!?!

People across America are outraged by the current illegal immigration invasion, and unnerved by the porousness of our borders! Imagine, if "Pépe"can come across our southern border trailing behind him droves of illegal immigrants, and tons of drugs, how long will it be before Pépe comes across dragging with him an Islamist terrorist carrying a nuclear device that will decimate one of our cities, and poison the environment of the whole north American continent for generations to come?!?!

Illegal aliens recently marched brazenly out in our streets with impunity, demanding with arrogance that we change our existing laws to "accommodate" their illegality, carrying Mexican flags and wearing T-shirts of "Ché Guevara" advocating for his Castro styled "Worker's Paradise;" with signs proclaiming: "We did not cross the border, the border crossed us", or "We are not the wet-backs, your backs are wetter than ours after having to cross an ocean to get here", expressing open "racist" disdain for all "Europeans" and "Africans," who do not belong here in "their" land, the land of "La Raza" or the race - their race of resented indigenous Mexican half-breeds and indians; calling for the "Reconquista" of the American Southwest into what they call Aztlan - the mythical land of their bloody Aztec forbears whose "glorious" temples "smelled worse than all the slaughterhouses of Seville in the summer" according to Spanish chroniclers, the white limestone of their monuments imbued with a lovely "pinkish hue" - the remnant of the smeared gore and blood of countless human sacrifices and ceremonial cannibalistic rituals! Is this the people we want amongst us?!?!

Most American are outraged about the situation. They demand that our borders be secured, and that our current immigration laws be enforced - yes deporting the illegal immigrants! And yet the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington ask with a look of dumbfounded incredulity in their eyes: "What, do you think that it is feasible to round up 12 million illegal aliens, just put them in buses, and drive them south of the border???" The answer is YES!!!

And to all the "bleeding hearts" out there whining about it being "inhumane," take into account that at least we'll be kind enough to provide them with a comfortable air conditioned ride in a bus with meals, snacks, and soft drinks back down to Mexico, which is far more pleasant than the trek they made across the desert to come break our laws, and barge-in uninvited into our country!

And now, President Bush unveils his "revolutionary" immigration reform policy, which is, in the words of our fellow blogger Richard, "too little, too late" and nothing more than a rehash of "Amnesty, Amnesty, and more Amnesty," and which if implemented will result in the US becoming another "Latin" country in fifty years!

Talk about a "lame duck"! This President has sure turned into one - of his own making. Gosh, you may as well say that it seems that it was he who went quail hunting with Cheney, and instead of getting shot in the face like Harry Whittington, got shot in the foot instead!

What else but "lame duck" can one call his failure to rise up to the challenge and fight the Democratic barrages against him he has left unanswered for months, or go to the people to aggressively seek support for the war in Iraq and the "War on Terror" (Who? What? Which war is that now???); for wimping out lately on his conservative base consistently, and now for caving-in to the special interests and the open borders crowd and sell us out on he and all the other politicians in Washington have! It seems that the whole of the United States has already been sold to Mexico behind our backs, and our politicians, good lawyers that many of them are, are just trying to work out the gradual transfer of power....oh, and of course, how to break it to us!!!!

And you know what is most terrifying of all? That despondent about these debacles, or too alienated by the Republican betrayal at the Hill, many conservative voters may well decide to stay home in November, and once the Democrats are back in control of the Houses, all of the above will only get worse - much, much worse!!!

Posted by Althor at May 16, 2006 1:43 AM

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