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May 9, 2006

U.S. Dismisses Ahmadinejad's Letter

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Ahmadinejad's letter to President George W. Bush on Monday, proposing what Iran's top nuclear negotiator called a new "diplomatic opening" between the two countries, has been dismissed, with the U.S. saying Iran must back down on it's nuclear program. Since hearing about Ahmadinejad's letter which was a striking change from his ongoing fiery campaign to vilify the U.S. and the West, I've beeb concerned that the Bush administration would fall for the Islamists' al-Taqiya. Now that we know that we're not falling for the trap and buying into Ahmadinejad's trojan horse, we can all have a good laugh about what little we know about the contents of the letter - was 17 or 18 pages long and covered history, philosophy and religion.

But what else would we expect from Ahmadinejad - certainly not substance in addressing the real issues, when we know how much he enjoys hate-filled diatribe and dreams of the return of the 12th Imam and an Islamic caliphate!


Meanwhile, The AP reports that Iran's president declared in the letter that "democracy had failed worldwide and lamented "an ever increasing global hatred" of the US government"".

This, as we hear that Iran's press on Tuesday "hailed the hard-line regime's letter to arch-enemy United States President George Bush -- with moderate papers hoping for detente and hardliners praising President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's "audacity".""

In other Iran-related news:

Pakistan is worried about the "clouds of war" in Iran since after Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders and activists, escaping mullahs of Iran are the last thing they can afford to host.

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator said on Tuesday a proposal to allow Tehran to enrich uranium on Russian soil remained a possible way out of the row over its nuclear program, but needed more time. (Read as they want to continue their lying and buying time while they continue to develop their nuclear program. The Russian deal has been on the table all along - and Iran continues to toy with it like a cat with a catnip-filled toy mouse. They're having too much fun and enjoying too much success playing the international community for a sucker to even consider "real" solutions, for which they have no intentions of honoring.).

And in my favorite Iran-related news item of the day, we learn that Vice Premier Shimon Peres reminded Iran that "Iran too can be destroyed".
(Although the message was soft peddled with a caveat by Senior defense ministry official Amos Gilad, the message is clear to Iran.

In the way of a wrap-up, there is one news quip today that I believe accurately and adequately summarizes Iran's intentions: "Iran is interested not only in turning into a superpower, but also in changing the world order." Iran is not only at the forefront of global terrorism, and aids Hizbullah in Lebanon, al Qaida, and Palestinian terror organizations, it is also behind attacks on US armed forces in Iraq. We are moving closer to having no alternative other than taking Iran's leadership and military/nuclear capability "off the map".

Captain's Quarters has more on the letter and "The World According To Mahmoud".

And be sure to read Robert Spencer's parody letter - "Dear unclean infidel dog..."

Posted by Richard at May 9, 2006 6:15 AM

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