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May 25, 2006

The Prevailing Malaise in Washington and the Senate Immigration Reform Bill

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

The Senate will be voting on the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" today, which will undoubtedly pass with the help of Republican Senators, who in betraying their Party and their constituencies, have defected to the other side of the Aisle on this critical issue, motivated by political self-preservation and other vested interests.

There is a malaise in Washington that seems to permeate the outlook of most of our politicians and lawmakers. It is a self-fulfilling "fatalism" that keeps manifesting itself in their comments and in their actions.

The economy is more robust than it has been for decades, yet these fatalists cannot but bemoan that "these are times of economic uncertainty"! The Iraqis were still cheering in the streets of Baghdad the fall of Saddam after the dictator's statue was toppled, and yet the cut-and-run "fatalists" were already pronouncing on "our failure" in Iraq, goading us to pull our troops in defeat with out tails between our legs, in my opinion, bolstering the at the time nascent insurgency with a far more effective PR campaign, which CNN and the liberal biased media has obligingly helped put out there for all the world to see relentlessly 24/7, than Al Qaeda and Saddam Loyalists could have ever managed to do! And now they have turned their "fatalism" to the problem of illegal immigration with the help of none other than the President and Republican turn-coats in the Senate!

Politician after politician interviewed on TV keeps making the same pessimistic pronouncement, repeatedly telling us that there is no way we can enforce our immigration laws and deport the estimated 10 -12 million illegal aliens presently in the country, and the question begs asking: "And why the hell not?!?!" May it be that it would
"inconvenience" our "uninvited guests"?!?!

Personally, I say the hell if it does! No one asked them to come sneaking into our country in the first place! The President and the politicians' solution: "Change the laws to accommodate the lawbreakers" by granting them amnesty and eventually legalize them! Talk about weasels!

Americans who have seen the gradual decline of our communities and the denigration of our National Character by the virtual ethnic demographic invasion of these illegal aliens, for the most part object to such an approach, and rather favor effectively securing the border, and the enforcement of our laws including "deporting" all illegal aliens when apprehended, yet our Senators scurry, like the rats they are, to vote today on a hastily crafted
"Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" about which the only "comprehensive" thing is that it grants all these illegal aliens amnesty - "comprehensively." A Bill which contrary to the wishes of the majority of their constituencies, they insist on ramming down the throat of Americans! No wonder Jorge Ramos of Univision, and Janet Munguia of "La Raza" and all the other promoters of unfettered illegal immigration sit smirking condescendingly at TV interviews and insolently challenge us: "Well America, there are 12 million illegal aliens here now, they are not going anywhere, and what are you going to do about it?"!!!

But the Senate may be in for a surprise, just as much as the Jorge Ramoses, and the Janet Munguias of this world, when the long suffering, silent, American majority decides it has had enough of this "fare," and barfs back in their faces this Bill they are trying to ram down its throat, and demands that action be taken and that all these illegal aliens be criminalized and deported. Period!

Posted by Althor at May 25, 2006 6:35 AM

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