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May 22, 2006

The 20th Century Colonial Democide Of 50,000,000

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In my commentary, "Exemplifying the Horror of European Colonization: Leopold's Congo," I set the human costs of the 20th Century European colonization at 50,000,000. I subsequently added this to my total democide to raise it for the 20th Century to 262,000,000, which also includes my raising the estimate of the China's democide to 76,702,000.

Subsequently, I have been asked how this toll of colonization was distributed among the European colonies. First off, what were the colonies? The best list I could find of all colonies throughout the centuries is here. I went through this list and pulled out the major African colonies for the 20th Century. There are too many to list here, but I give the number of major African colonies for each European state below:

  • Belgium 4
  • Britain 29
  • France 26
  • Germany 8
  • Italy 4
  • Ottoman Empire/Turkey 2
  • Portugal 4
  • Spain 5
These add up to 83 African colonies, which exceed in total the existing 54 African states. This is because who had what colonies often changed, especially after a war. Because of losing World War I, for example, Germany lost all eight of her African colonies to the victors.

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Posted by Rudy at May 22, 2006 12:24 AM

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