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May 2, 2006

Talking With The "Real" Pictures About The May Day Protests

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words.


Michele Malken has more pictures and some commentary.

Pajamas Media has a photo album of the LA protests.

Dan Riehl says that we should all keep our sense of humor.

More often than not, I'm on the same page as Dan. Today, I say close down the borders, enforce our immigration laws, and jail employers that hire illegal undocumented workers (we're talking about having real documents, not fakes), then we can all have a good laugh.

As for those already here, the way back is where they came from.

Amnesty plan? You mean AFTER the wall and shutting down our southern border, right? Unless it's damned strict, has important safeguards and requirements such as stipulations for English, fines, studies in "Civics" like we citizens all had in junior high school, going to the absolute end of a ten year line for citizenship - without citizen's rights, immediate deportation with the slightest infraction, AND it is strictly enforced at all levels including the jailing of employers that hire illegal aliens- forget about it!

I don't think I'll have any problem having every day a day without illegal immigrants - I'm happy to pay an extra few cents for a tomato. On the other hand, legal immigrants have all of my support - many of my friends have immigrated here from other countries, have studied, learned proper English, contribute to our society, pay taxes and social security, are not a financial drain on the rest of us, and don't demand rights that American citizens don't even have - like breaking the law without serious repercussions.

As for those week-kneed, vote pandering, gutless bastards in Washington - they need to be told that a wrong vote this time, means they won't be around to vote next time.

And BTW, while I'm still on a roll, John McCain for president? Only when his buddy Ted Kennedy looses 200 pounds and conservatives forget that McCain is more liberal Democrat than conservative Republican, as well as being on the wrong side of the immigration issue. He and the other wishy washy Republican politicians in Washington have all but laid out the red carpet for a third party to step in and ruin the chances of election gains and successes in 06 and 08.

Posted by Richard at May 2, 2006 9:34 AM

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