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May 20, 2006

Spanish Inmigration Problem

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Nearly 7.000 inmigrants have landed in the Spanish coasts of Canary Islands only since the beginnig of the Year. The situation gets more and more complicated as they are overflowing special inmigration facilities. The Vice-President De LA Vega has said they are going to repatriate illegal inmigrants. But the Governments of African Countries from Guinea to Mauritania have said they are not accepting them.

Moratinos, Spanish FM, has said "a special ambassador and a team of diplomats would begin "three to six-month" missions in Africa from Sunday". Anyway, taking into account his own bad results in office, most people are not very optimistic about this mission.

But another fact can even worsen this situation: France has passed a law on inmigration much tougher that the previous one. French illegal inmigrants, as a result will cross the inexistent border, thanks to Shenghen Treaty, to enter Spain.

Unable to control the border, Spanish Government is doing the only thing that they can: ask for compensation to the European Union. Although, personally, I do not think illegal inmigration problem -at least in Spain- is a problem of money, but of bad planification and even worse policies. The regularization, passed by Zapatero Administration, known as "Papers for all", gave border Mafias the possibility of convincing new would-be inmigrants that Papers were -as they were: people in some places, did not need anything but a bus ticket to claim they were residents- very easy to obtain. Also taking into account that both France and Germany rejected this regularization, I am not very confident in the result of this other "begging campaign".

Lastly, the consequences that this can have for terrorism and mainly for Islamic terrorism in Spain are far greater than imagined. The expression "uncontrolled borders" means that people passing thorugh them, are not controlled. If the uncontrolled people were not a great number, they could even be controlled afterwards. But in here, where illegal inmigrants are flown from their arrival places to Madrid, Valencia, or Murcia, for example, without any identification control, the situation can be explosive in no distant times.

Posted by Eurabian at May 20, 2006 12:18 PM

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