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May 30, 2006

Southern Border Not Our Only Problem - Serious Terrorist Threat To U.S Looms Just Across Our Northern Border

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Illegal aliens that have snuck into the U.S. across our southern border like cockroaches aren't our only problem, immigration issues aside, a serious terrorist problem looms across our northern border.

.... And the threat of terrorists simply walking into our country from Canada and pulling off another massive destructive attack like 9/11 is growing - thanks to the immigration policies of "Canada". That's right, while the focus right now is on our southern border problems, Mexican illegal aliens may be just a warm-up to an even larger problem - terrorists that have trained in Canada and come into the U.S. to mingle in with members of their community living among us.

Take for example the report that a top spy yesterday revealed Ottawa's increasing fears of an attack unleashed by homegrown terrorists on the same scale as last July's suicide bombings in Britain.

[...] "All the circumstances that led to the London transit bombing ... are resident here and now in Canada...

... he described the threat of the homegrown terrorist as now "on par" with terror threats from abroad.

... "So we have to be vigilant on two fronts -- what's coming to us from the outside environment but increasingly what's growing up in our communities...

... But he also made the frank admission that the resource-stretched spy agency is having a hard time identifying all the potential threats.

...Hooper described how easily homegrown terrorists blend in and learn their deadly craft without ever leaving the house.

... there have been a growing number of young people, either born in Canada or who moved here at an early age and become "radicalized."

... "They are virtually indistinguishable from other youth. They blend in very well to our society. They speak our language...

... "These are people ... in most instances who are Canadian citizens," ..."You can't remove them anywhere.

... And the Internet has become the modern-day equivalent of the terrorist training camp, ... there are some 4,500 terrorist-affiliated websites accessible on-line.

... "You can become committed to the al-Qaeda ideology without ever having been to an al-Qaeda training camp. You can do all of that over the Internet," he said.

... "experienced combatants" of conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya as well as overseas terrorist training camps are now living in Canada...

... Britain's experience last summer should provide a wake-up call for the problems Canada could encounter with homegrown terrorists.

... "They'd been born in country,"

... "They had all of the slang and comfort with the culture that you and I have, and yet, boom, here they are committing terrorist acts...

... "It's a huge challenge to the police and the security forces to find them, to have a broad enough net to catch them.

So while we're on the topic of immigration reform, we need to also give strong consideration to what's coming at us from our liberal Canadian friends who have turned their country into a "jihad heaven" for training and easy access into the U.S.

Related: The U.S. and Canada are not the only countries facing a "homegrown" threat from Islamists - "European experts see homegrown Islamist menace".

Border problems? We've got em.... big time! However, we need to also look within our borders, and not ignore the growing threat of radical Islam within the Muslim communities around the country. For this, we need the help of liberal Muslims - our hurdle is actually getting their support. If they are indeed Americans, their alligiance should be to the country that has adopted them, not to a theopolitical system opposed to democracy and it's freedoms. Either they are our neighbors and fellow Americans, or they are not. If they are not, they are part of the problem, and support our enemy - radical Islam.

Posted by Richard at May 30, 2006 6:44 AM

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