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May 15, 2006

Senate's Reform Bill Will Double Illegal Immigration

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

poster_small.gifThe image on the right from Numbers USA DOES NOT include illegal immigrants.

As you get started on your day this morning and reach for that first cup of coffee to "wake up", forget it, here's something better: The Washington Times is reporting that according to scholars and analysts, should the immigration reform bill that the Senate takes up today and President Bush is expected to endorse in his prime-time address to the nation tonight actually become law - it would more than double the flow of legal immigration into the United States each year and increase the annual flow of legal immigrants into the U.S. to more than 2 million from roughly 1 million today.

The number of extended family members that U.S. citizens or legal residents can bring into this country would double. More dramatically, the number of workers and their immediate families could increase sevenfold if there are enough U.S. employers looking for cheap foreign labor. Another provision would grant humanitarian visas to any woman or orphaned child anywhere in the world "at risk of harm" because of age or sex.

The little-noticed provisions are part of legislation co-sponsored by Republican Sens. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Mel Martinez of Florida, which overcame some early stumbles and now has bipartisan support in the Senate.

If you thought that the previous "compromise" was a non-starter, you definately want to read the rest.

And if this doesn't wake you up - check out the information on projected U.S. population growth at NumbersUSA's website, and then ask yourself what could our government possibly be thinking about in considering the proposed reform bill. Remember, the numbers at the site "do not" include the illegal aliens.

You can read a Chuck Hagel and Mel Martinez opinion on the bill here. (They, of course, support the bill - but leave out the consequences)

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Posted by Richard at May 15, 2006 4:12 AM

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