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May 2, 2006

Quick News Check

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For readers in a hurry and wanting a little more than the fair they find in the paper lying in their driveway, here's a quick look at a few of what I thought to be some of the more interesting bits of news around the world:

(AKI) ISLAM: LONDON CONFERENCE DISSECTS ISLAMOPHOBIA: Leading Islamic scholars, politicians, journalists, non-governmental organisations and diplomats from the Islamic world and Western countries are gathering in London, on Tuesday and Wednesday to look at ways to stem the growth of Islamophobia in Europe. (As Daniel Pipes has suggested, the term "Islamophobia presents several problems. First, what exactly constitutes an "undue fear of Islam" when Muslims acting in the name of Islam today make up the premier source of worldwide aggression, both verbal and physical, versus non-Muslims and Muslims alike? What, one wonders, is the proper amount of fear? What we are seeing here is politicians falling on their knees in submission to Islamist propaganda and manipulation)

(Sun Times) Muslims kill 35 in worst Kashmir attack since '03: A wave of violence by Islamic militants aimed at Indian-controlled Kashmir's Hindu minority has left 35 dead. In one village, militants disguised as soldiers coaxed residents from their homes and then gunned down 22 of them -- the single bloodiest attack by Islamic guerrillas in Kashmir since a 2003 cease-fire between India and Pakistan. [Gosh, good thing Britain is holding a conference on Islamophobia. That will certainly make the relatives of the murdered victims of the radical Muslims - feel all better. After all, according to the Islamists, feeling uncomfortable with Muslim violence is inappropriate - we should all just lie down and roll over. Again, as suggested by Daniel Pipes, "Muslims should dispense with this discredited term and instead engage in some earnest introspection. Rather than blame the potential victim for fearing his would-be executioner, they would do better to ponder how Islamists have transformed their faith into an ideology celebrating murder (Al-Qaeda: "You love life, we love death") and develop strategies to redeem their religion by combating this morbid totalitarianism."].

(Reuters) Iran says Russia and China will not back sanctions: Iran's foreign minister was quoted on Tuesday as saying that Russia and China had officially informed Tehran they would not support sanctions or military action over the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme. (Russia and China have their heads in the sand on this by putting their energy and financial interests ahead of an opportunity to interupt a certain march to world war instigated by an Islamist regime hellbent on world domination. As Winston Churchill said, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last". Apparently Russia and China fail to realize they are feeding the alligator that is going to kill them. Our problem is that we're likely to be the ones that have to deal with the damned critter)

(Washington Times) Double peril from Iran: Iran's maverick President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad admitted a few weeks ago the Islamic Republic was enriching uranium. And the world took notice. Yet far more dangerous, says a member of the Iranian opposition, Iran is also "enriching Islamic fundamentalism." And yet few are doing anything about it. (During the 1980s and 1990s, at least 90 percent of the major terrorist attacks were linked either to Tehran as the epicenter of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism or to its surrogates and agents and movements that managed to thrive only under the light of Tehran's mullahs. Iran is the epicenter and world capital of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism)

20064302237560.1-Palestine.jpeg(Daily Star) Olmert alters route of West Bank wall, calls for rapid completion: Israel's Cabinet on Sunday voted to modify the route of its contentious West Bank separation barrier to put thousands of Palestinians on the "Palestinian" side of the enclosure, officials said. "We must go forward as quickly as possible," Prime Minister-designate Ehud Olmert said at the start of the weekly meeting of ministers, who unanimously agreed to the changes. ... "The decisions which we are taking will enable us to complete the security barrier as quickly as possible so that we can best prevent terrorist attacks," he added. (There's GOT to be a take home message here somewhere. It just can't be as simple as golly gee the Israelis can do it, why can't we? Or could it!)

[ISLAMABAD (Reuters)] Pakistani jihadi videos thrive on execution scenes: - The movie salesman was selling jihad to the converted. The buyers thronging his stall on the sidelines of a late-night rally in the Pakistani capital belonged to a crowd organised by a sectarian Sunni Muslim group. "This is the latest video of the beheadings," he told his customers, as they pored over titles including "Slaughter of Americans in Iraq", "Slaughter of Traitors in Afghanistan" and "Taliban Celebrations". In Pakistan, compelled to join a U.S.-led global war on terrorism after al Qaeda's September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, anger has risen over what many see as an attempt by the West to suppress Muslims around the world. But that is only part of the story. Pakistan is also locked in a long struggle with its own demons, particularly sectarian violence that has killed thousands. (And Muslims wonder why non-Muslims are weary and leery of Islam? Without a doubt, Muslim on Muslim and Muslim on non-Muslim violence far exceeds any non-Muslim on Muslim violence throughout the entire planet. More Muslims have been killed by Muslims, more Muslims continue to be victimized by Muslims, and more Muslims are in danger of dying at the hands of Muslims than non-Muslims of this there is no dispute. This speaks volumes to the silliness of that Islamophobia conference crap going on in Britain today. ).

Posted by Richard at May 2, 2006 6:46 AM

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