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May 30, 2006

Probiotics could target causes of liver cancer

Topics: Health Issues

Probiotics are live microorganisms, including Lactobacillus species, Bifidobacterium species and yeasts, that may benefit the host upon ingestion by improving the balance of the intestinal microflora. The dietary use of live microorganisms has a long history, and mention of cultured dairy products is found in the Bible, as well as in sacred books of Hinduism. Soured milks and cultured dairy products, such as kefir, koumiss, leben and dahi, were often used therapeutically before the existence of microorganisms was recognized.

Now, according to researchers, there's evidence that probiotic-based food products may be an effective dietary prevention that could be implemented in many regions of the world to prevent the development of liver cancer or other environmentally induced cancers:

Liver cancer is the sixth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world, and third most common cause of death from cancer, according to Cancer Research UK. Despite these figures, the cancer remains relatively rare, with 18,500 new cases in the US every year, and about 3,000 in the UK.

The highest incidences of the disease are in east and Southeast Asia, particularly China, and for this reason the current researchers looked at the effects of probiotic supplements on markers for the disease.

The biggest risk factor for the disease is said to be chronic hepatitis B virus infection, but consumption of foods( contaminated with aflatoxins) are also established causes of liver cancer.

Some readers may be interested in taking probiotics, and for those that are interested in doing so, I highly recommend a super-food source called Green Vibrance powder - which is a probiotic blend of eight dairy-free cultures (18 billion total at date of manufacture). A serving is one rounded tablespoon, and in addition to the probiotics, contains concentrated food-source support for nutrition, digestion, circulation, and immunity. I know it to be an excellent source of nutrition for all cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation - especially when combined with Solgar's Whey to Go Protein (only this protein powder- I do not recommend using the "weight lifter" protein powders promoted by health food stores). This combination is far far far superior to the shakes customarily provided patients by hospitals and physicians (products such as Ensure and others, should be considered as little more than junk food and sweetners with a little nutrition thrown it).

I know of long-term surviving cancer patients to have used during therapy and continuously thereafter, 1 rounded tbs. of Green Vibrance with an equal amount of Solgar's Whey to Go powder (use Vanilla only - choc. with green powder is yuck, but the vanilla flavor makes a tasty shake).

Posted by Richard at May 30, 2006 12:34 PM

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