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May 9, 2006

Palestinian Religious Leader Blasts Christian Zionists

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

... on the other hand, supporting the denial of Israel's right to even exist at all is perfectly okay!

In an article posted on the official Palestinian Authority website of the shari'a courts that confuses, perhaps purposefully, Christian support for Israel's right to exist with the ideological instrument for mobilizing international support for an exclusively Jewish state in Palestine, Hamed R.B. Al-Tamimi blasted the Christian Zionist movement because, he charged, it "supports the Zionist enemy [Israel] and unconditionally opposes Islam and the Muslims."

Christian Zionists belong to Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical churches throughout the world and are among Israel's most faithful supporters.

They believe that the modern State of Israel is a fulfillment of biblical promises and prophecies that the Jewish people would return to the land they consider to be their eternal, divine inheritance.

In the United States, many Christian Zionists are politically conservative Evangelical Christians.

"Their association and their organizations, headed by The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, carry out their criminal activities against the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian people," Al-Tamimi said in the article.

Al-Tamimi, appointed to his post by P.A. Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction, also accused Christian Zionists of leading the push to create the State of Israel. And he said they are spearheading current British and U.S. policies toward the P.A., Iraq, Afghanistan and other Arab and Muslim countries.

"They [Christian Zionists] are a group who adopted Satan as God who drives their crazy nature. They have praised depravity and cursed virtue, they have turned the moral scale upside down," he said.

The ICEJ, which represents millions of Christians worldwide, issued a low-key response to the article, saying it had borne the brunt of similar "baseless and embittered criticisms" in the past from both official and unofficial Palestinian sources.

"We prefer to ignore them and continue undeterred with our biblical mandate to 'comfort' the Jewish people," said David Parsons, ICEJ media director.

"The ICEJ maintains that Christians can promote peace in the Holy Land by supporting Israel's right to live in peace and security" so Israel can "peacefully negotiate with her Palestinian and Arab neighbors all the difficult issues facing the region," Parsons said in a statement.

While the ICEJ sympathizes with the plight of the Palestinians, he said, "This should not lead anyone to take strident anti-Israel or anti-Semitic positions."

Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, said this is not the first time that P.A. officials have blasted Christian (and Christian's as) Zionists. On the other hand, does not shari'a, to which the article's author supports, place Islam in exclusive position over non-Muslims, and does Hamas not support the abolition of Israel?

Islamic law, the shari'a, provides "protection" and security for the People of the Book - the Bible; it is indeed a basic theological principle. However, Muslim theologians and jurists attach so many conditions and humiliations to this real protection that the status of the protected Jews and Christians - the dhimmis - that shari'a places a status of oppression, deprivation and insecurity to non-Muslims, and in the case of Hamas, an radical terrorist theopolitical group that denies Israel's right to even exist, blasting Christians and Christian supporters of Zionism seems a bit irrational.

What's the old saying about people living in glass houses, and throwing stones?

Posted by Richard at May 9, 2006 9:37 AM

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