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May 27, 2006

Images of the Recent Illegal Immigration Protests You'll Never See on CNN or for that Matter Anywhere on Primetime

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

During past recent illegal protests, CNN and the rest of the American liberal biased media constantly bombarded our screens with pictures of multitudes of pro illegal alien supporters crowding the streets of our cities during the rallies (once the Fox helicopter took a panoramic view of the protests in L.A. on May 1st, and though the numbers were indeed impressive, they seemed to be "staged' to be confined to certain areas to make them look "humongous" on our TV screens, while adjacent streets were conspicuously empty) protesting that we change our laws, as the Senate has onerously done, to accommodate their "illegality." Nevertheless the protests were massive, blatant, and ominous!

Two sets of videos you did not see on CNN (nor probably anywhere else on TV - not even Fox), were the violent pro-illegal immigration protests in Santa Ana, California, on May 1st, where a man was, appropriately enough, stabbed with the haft of a Mexican flag, and the police had to intervene with riot gear to halt the mayhem, the looting, and the madness, and made several arrests! Most Americans aren't even aware such events ever happened!

The other picture CNN doesn't want you to see, were pictures of the pro-immigration protests in Miami, which Wolf Blitzer, covering the May 1st protests across the country on CNN, conveniently did not have videos of to show his audiences.... perchance because there was nothing much to show, in that Capital of "Latindom" home of "Univision"?!?!

Why? The reason is simple. After having gone out of their way to portray the "protests" as "orderly," and of showing nothing but "American flag wielding illegal aliens" (flags that were provided by the organizers who confiscated the Mexican flags brought by protesters and replaced them with American flags to portray a false impression on our TV screens that the allegiances of these illegal immigrants was with America ), to have covered in depth the illegal immigration riots that took place in Santa Ana would have shown Americans the sinister face of the illegal immigration protests.

Americans were made aware of this face only through the diligence of such bloggers as Michelle Malkin, Hyscience, Dan Riehl, and others on the internet, who published the actual pictures of the Mexican flag wielding protesters calling for "Aztlan" (the re-conquest by Mexican half-breeds and indigenous people of the American Southwest), wearing "Ché Guevara T-shirts" (advocating for a "Socialist Worker's Revolution" similar to Cuba's, of "downtrodden half-breeds and indigenous people of the continent to oust the "Europeans" - anyone who is "Caucasian" regardless of origin, from the continent!).

The protesters signs calling for the Re-Conquista which none other than the racist "National Council of La Raza" (The Race) calls for, while raking in corporate donations and Federal grants in the millions posing as a "Hispanic Rotary Club" and firmly supporting naught but the Mexican Re-Conquista agenda, and the legalization of all the millions of Mexican illegal aliens presently in our midst - a move that will grant them the "vote" with which to make "Aztlan" a reality in the future by the force of sheer numbers; a demographical invasion of America!

The other set of videos Wolf Blitzer did not show you on CNN on May 1st were the ones covering the pro-illegal alien protests in Miami. Guess why?!?!

Apparently there was nothing much to report! A handful of people may have marched, mostly Nicaraguans, and other Central American illegal aliens, but there were no "monumental" pro-unfettered illegal immigration from Mexico marches in Miami as in the rest of the nation. Why?

Well, to begin with, the Cuban immigrants of Miami, who for the most part have come legally into this country for decades ( for which most Mexicans resent them, and deem them "privileged"), many of whom were forced to emigrate to the United States not because of rampant illiteracy and hunger, as with their Mexican counterparts flooding us over our southern border, but because they were fleeing Castro's "political repression and persecution," resent these illegal Mexicans wearing "Ché Guevara" T-shirts and praising Castro and his "Revolution"!

Unlike the Mexican half-breeds and their romantic, socialist, notions, to Cuban emigrés, Ché was but the uncouth Castro henchman they knew, responsible for the "fusilating" (paredón) execution in front of firing squads, of hundreds, maybe thousands (no one really knows), of innocent Cubans; fathers, sons and brothers, whose only crime was to be opposed to Castro's totalitarianism, without a trial or any semblance of judicial process.

Ché was in charge of such round-ups and the ensuing executions. You can not expect very many Cubans here in exile, to be"sympathetic" to illegal Mexicans shoving Ché's image in our faces, and calling for the application in America of a Castro styled "Socialist Revolution"!

For this reason and others, most Cubans, as is the case with most legal immigrants to the U.S., do not appreciate the insolence and sense of entitlement these invading Mexicans flaunt in our faces with arrogance.

Wrong attitude!

Many of the now multimillionaire Cuban Bankers, Professionals, and Physicians of renown, had to clean too many dishes and toilets at "$1.00 an hour in the sixties, in spite of their "University Degrees" and "expertise," to become what they are today after having assimilated into America, and remade their lives in this, their new country! They are the ones who have made of the once sleepy southern winter get-away town that Miami once was, a global center of Finance, Business and the Arts...unlike the sprawling "barrios" ghettos that Mexican illegals have made of the once beautiful City of Los Angeles, where, for example, it is being debated now to allow students to graduate from High School who can not pass an eighth grade proficiency test! So much for the future of America in a "Global Marketplace"!

Then add to that the staggering Mexican infestation!

If all the Cubans were to leave Cuba and come to America, the whole population of the entire island, some 11 million of them, and the whole of the island Nation became a "Ghost Country" just as the once thriving mining town of Rhyolite has become a "Ghost Town" in the Nevadan desert, without a single human being left behind, yet the whole population of Cuba would not be a match in numbers to the estimated 12 to 20 million Mexican illegal aliens in our midst right now! Not to mention the countless thousands pouring every day across our borders!!! Can anyone in their right mind ever compare one immigration to the other?!?!

As Socrates is reputed to have said : "Too much of anything, is too much for me." I must concur, and add that "too much Mexican illegal immigration, is too much for me"!!!

Talk about "Democracy in Iraq!

After having been an Independent Nation for much longer than most Eurpean nations have been countries, it is the responsibility of the Mexican people and its government to take care of their own, and not come invading us across our borders, the borders of the "hated Yankees"! My Father, who is an American citizen, and came to this country as a "legal immigrant" over forty years ago, still remembers, ironically, how back in the sixties, all through Cuba and Latin America, these people clamored "Yankees go home!" when in sooth, all they wanted was "To go home with the Yankees"!!!

It is time for Americans to say no to Mexican illegal immigration and take back control of our borders! And damn the leftists Democrats who see in this sea of "naturalized" Mexicans a future constituency of "political slaves," as has happened with most black Americans, as Thomas Sowell has often pointed out, or the sell-out Republicans who negating the Republican majority in the Senate have passed this travesty of an "Amnesty Bill" in co-hoots with their Democratic counterparts, that even grants Mexico (thanks to Senator Specter) the right to veto our future attempts to secure our border with a physical fence, or the corporate business interests having a quaint breakfasts with Mexican President Vicente Fox in Utah and Sacramento, who wish to keep the flow of illegal immigrants flowing as a source of inexpensive "cheap labor" at the expense of our communities, our infrastructure (which illegals are overwhelming), our National Identity, and our future!!!

"The National Council for La Raza" and other proponents of open borders for "indigenous" people from the Straits of Magellan to the Aleutian Islands, will make you believe that most lLegal immigrants in America support this Mexican invasion. It is not so! And I for one can categorically attest to the fact, that the Cuban-American community, unlike our Senators, overwhelmingly supports the securing of our borders, and the enforcing of our existing immigration laws...even that most dreadful of all words to politicians: "deportation" of all these illegal aliens!

It is time that we Americans take back our country! Wake up America! Let us secure our borders first as the Congress proposed, and deport all these lawbreakers that are swarming us, and then we can intelligently discuss a "Guest Worker Program"!

The men and women who laid down their lives for us whom we celebrate on Memorial Day, gave up their lives for our version of America, not for Benito Juarez and his brood of resented Mexican indians! Just my opinion.

Posted by Althor at May 27, 2006 12:23 AM

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