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May 21, 2006

Opinion: On Ray Nagin's Re-election As Mayor of New Orleans

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It is official. Incumbent Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, has been re-elected in a close runoff election with former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana Mitch Landrieu, in spite of Nagin's patent ineptitude in dealing with a major disaster called Katrina, and the many fumbles and failures of his office that cost so many New Orleaners their lives in the aftermath of the storm!

Apparently, as proven by such Senators as Kennedy and his ilk who continue to be re-elected for decades by their constituencies - regardless of their position on issues or their actions until most finally die on the Capitaline "throne" of old age, Ray Nagin's re-election seems to indicate that in South certain constituencies seem to vote like mindless androids. Out of rote behavior, they cast their votes while unconcernedly ruminating about the latest re-run of the Jerry Springer show - so much for "the rule of the people." Seems "democracy" can be a very sharp, and poignant two edged sword such as in the case of the recent "democratic" election of Hamas in the Palestinian Territories have shown!

Let us hope, for the good of the people who re-elected Nagin, that at least his past monumental shortcomings during Katrina may have served him as a "learning experience" to better deal with a similar catastrophe when the next big hurricane hits!

Posted by Althor at May 21, 2006 2:00 AM

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