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May 23, 2006

Nimrod Moonbat Award Alert: Socialist Lied About Military Service

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Remember the latest "outrageously slanderous" video to make the rounds of the moonbat sites, featuring an "Iraq veteran" named Jessie Macbeth who claimed to be a former Army Ranger, and alleged that the US military is routinely murdering Iraqi civilians: Army Ranger describes US war crimes in Iraq?

Macbeth claims, among other things, that he was an Army "Special Forces Ranger" and was personally involved in the slaughter of innocent women and children while stationed with the Third Ranger Battalion. He also claims that he and his unit "slaughtered people in mosques" in Fallujah and that he was ordered to "leave mass graves of women, children, and old men"

Well, it comes as no surprise that after the U.S. Army looked into Mr. Jessie Macbeth's credentials, he has no service record!

Jessie Macbeth never walked the walk, but tried to talk the talk, only pretending to walk the walk, and as could be expected, only dribble came out.

Posted by Richard at May 23, 2006 5:10 PM

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