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May 1, 2006

Marching Illegal Aliens Loosing Support From Legal Americans

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

By legal Americans, we're talking about us folks that can "legally" vote - and of course those illegal Americans illegally registered by Democrats!

Dan Spencer at California Yankee says he was surprised last week to find even some of his liberal friends volunteer that they find the "Day Without Immigrants" demonstration offensive - and recent polls apparently agree with Dan's friends.

A Zogby International pollt, conducted between March 31 and April 3, 2006, found the March demonstrations supporting rights for illegal aliens left three in five adults feeling less sympathetic toward undocumented workers. The poll also indicated Americans have little confidence in the government's ability (perhaps the willingness?) to fix the problem.

Even 46 percent of the Hispanic respondents said they are less likely to be sympathetic to the cause of immigrants as a result of the protests. Millions of Hispanic-Americans, including many who have gone through the immigration process the right way, are offended by the demands being made by people who have broken our nation's laws - and are even more offended that the views of Hispanic citizens are not being accurately portrayed in the media.

Many politicians are going to be in for a surprise, come November, when the voice of LEGAL Americans is heard through the voting booths across America - fed up with the government's failure to enforce our border and immigration laws.

Posted by Richard at May 1, 2006 5:48 PM

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