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May 15, 2006

Just Saying No To Amnesty And Exponential Immigration

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Our southern border needs major surgery, and our president wants to give us a token Band Aid to cover up a plan that will only increase the malignancy of open borders with no enforcement of our existing laws. Adding new laws to be broken and certain not to be enforced, to the laws already being broken that aren't being enforced - is ludicrous!

President Bush hasn't even stepped up to the podium, yet his proposals are already "dead before arrival". As we posted earlier today, the "Senate's Reform Bill Will Double Illegal Immigration" and no one from the President's base is buying his "comprehensive immigration reform" that simply means amnesty now enforcement later - maybe. His speech tonight is certain to make the Harriet Myers debacle look like a brilliant strategy.

After all, the immigration laws are already being broken and are not enforced; any thought that this will change is nothing less than pure fantasy. The president's base knows it, aren't buying it, and are not about to be fooled by his "lipstick on a pig" speech tonight.

Examples of the center-right blogosphere's dissatisfaction with the President's immigration non-policy of open borders include:

Hugh Hewitt who says that If the president gives a nationwide, prime time speech and doesn't embrace fencing when a vast number of his party's regulars demand fencing, that will not only be ignoring them, it will be to reject them and their agenda. It will be a gift to Tom Tancredo and other anti-illegal immigration absolutists, an invitation to the Minutemen and their supporters to immediately dismiss the speech as window dressing.

Michelle Malkin has a preview (very informative video) of the President's immigration speech.

Allah is presiding over the mother of all Bush speech posts here.

David Orland has a summary of the President's talking points at The Immigration Blog, and says that that the speech is a gesture so mendacious that it gives whole new meaning to the notion of "transparency in government".

John Hawkins says Bush's offer doesn't merit a prime time speech because it'll be viewed as nothing but a gimmick. People will figure that Bush, who has made no effort to secure the borders throughout his entire presidency, is just trying to give the appearance of being tough on illegal immigration to help get the soft on illegals bill he favors through the Senate.

Super Fun Power Hour Blog says "Mi Casa Es Su Casa", and that the illegals have nothing to worry about; they're not going anywhere.

In other words, don't put too much stock in what the president has to say tonight.


Posted by Richard at May 15, 2006 1:26 PM

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