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May 4, 2006

Is illegal Mexicans' 'mob rule' enacting our Legislation?!?!

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

In these ominous days of blurry lines defining everything, from the differences between a man and a woman and their biological pairing, evolved through millennia of natural selection and its inherent behavioral patterns to successfully produce and raise offsprings for the procreation of the species, which we call marriage, to every other moral value delineating our social interactions in our western society to which we have assigned relativistic ambiguity - it is crucial that we, as a society, put down our "Secular Progressive," "Multi-Cultural," "Politically Correct," opium pipe (or should I say "bong"), and amongst other "Draconian" concepts consider, in the light of good old fashioned common sense, the differences between "democracy" and "mob rule."

I am a staunch supporter of President Bush (whenever his latest idiosyncracies allow me), and have taken much heat for defending his conservative policies, but when I see him all dreamy eyed expounding on his "pipe dream" (the bong?) on how spreading a so called "blanket democracy" around the world will solve all the world's woes, especially as it concerns the Muslim world, I simply have to roll up my eyes! Take the recent "democratic" election by the Palestinian people of the Hamas terrorists for instance, the fact that the current Iranian terrorist regime hell-bent in leading the world down the path of nuclear obliteration was placed in power by a "populist" Islamic Revolution, or that tin-pot dictator, Hugo Chávez, that has brought so much strife to Venezuela, who was recently popularly "re-elected" in spite of all the mayhem he's caused; as our former President Jimmy Carter, who ironically could not have gotten himself re-elected to even clean Reagan's toilet in the White House, testified, and so vehemently proclaimed on the four winds to the world!

President Bush's "bong dream" notwithstanding, they may not be the most trustworthy or benevolent of allies or quite your average "bleeding heart" human rights activists, but, I for one, feel much safer with Presidents Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan, and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, keeping a lid on Islamist radicals in their countries, when taking into consideration their Islamofacist, Bin Laden, alternative counterparts, that most likely would get "popularly elected." So much for President Bush's "pipe dream"!

Democratic rule is generally based on a Compact within a society whereby all its members agree to abide by a Constitution or set of laws, and regardless of electoral outcomes, certain unalienable rights of its citizens are respected and upheld.

On the other hand, mob rule is generally based on the irrational sentiments of certain radical sectors of a society, that by vociferous manifestations, rabble rousing, intimidation and violence, shut down any political dialogue with those that oppose them, and implement by force the yoke of their political agenda upon the rest of the often silent, hapless, majority of the population.

Though the mentality that allows mob rule to promulgate within an open society is often fickle, yet once those radical elements utilizing mob rule to ascend to power within that society actually attain it, they generally promptly degenerate into repressive dictatorships in order to remain in power; once in power, all democratic dialogue is dead. Take Castro's regime, for instance, and the growing socialist totalitarianism now spreading throughout South America, first in Venezuela, and now in Bolivia!

In light of the above definition, let us look at the "rabble rousers," and the organizations, that have recently inflamed, and incited mobs of illegal immigrants to rally into these massive "Pro-Amnesty" demonstrations we have seen in our streets:

A.N.S.W.E.R. = "Act Now to Stop War & End Racism."

The "racism" this group is talking about, has nothing to do with blacks and the Civil Liberties Movement here in America, but rather with asserting the right to dominance of "La Raza," which is what they call the indigenous people that constitute 95% of the population of Mexico, comprised of "Mestizos" (Half-Breeds) and the remnant Indian populations.

What we nowadays call "Hispanics" is not a "monolithic ethnicity," as categorized by the government for the purposes of "Affirmative Action," or as most of these "Amnesty" groups would conveniently make you believe in order to garnish support; neither do all people of Hispanic descent here in America agree with these protesters and the boycott, or support open borders and the on-going unfettered demographical invasion by Mexican illegal aliens! Look at the recent declarations made by a group that calls itself the "You Don't Speak for Me Coalition," which invited journalists to a news conference they held in Washington on May 1st., the day of the marches, condemning the boycott, speaking up against "Amnesty" and illegal immigration, and calling for securing our borders, and the enforcement of current immigration laws.

The current appellation of "Hispanic" is a "Politically Correct" creation of the last 30 years by Washington bureaucrats, who have conveniently (for them) lumped together as "Hispanics" people of every race, skin color, ethnicity, and Cultural Identity imaginable, simply because of a Spanish surname, or the fact that once long ago their forbears were ruled by the Spaniards.

But, back to the "racist" concerns of groups like A.N.S.W.E.R.

To these indigenous "Mestizos" and "Indians," not only in Mexico, but throughout Central and South America, anyone "Caucasian," though even "Hispanic," as for instance from Spain, or Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile etc., is hated with as much virulency and resentment as the "Gringos," and though most of these "Banana Republics" have been "independent" from foreign domination for almost two hundred years now, far longer than many prosperous, thriving European nations of today have been a country, in spite of revolutions, sundry wars, two World Wars, the Nazi rise and Occupation of Europe, and Stalinist Soviet subjugation, such as is the case with Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, and others, they still blame all of their woes, their abject poverty and monumental illiteracy, and all their failures as nations, on Columbus, Cortez, Pizarro and the Conquistadores, the Spaniards (they call any Spanish speaking white person "el Español", or "the Spaniard," as a racist, derogatory appellation similar in nature to the use of "nigger" by racist whites here in America), and then after the turn of the 20th Century, when the Spanish King Alfonso XIII was too young and puny and the Spanish Empire in its demise for even these people to rationalize them as the "Source of all their Evils" anymore, then America, which they have resented and envied ever since its ascendancy as a World Power, and because of the abundance and prosperity of its "endless seas of golden grain," which beckoned people from every corner of the world to its shores, became the "Gringo" scapegoat, responsible for all that ails them to this day!

But I digress. Going on down the list of organizations that have organized, and are behind the recent "Illegal Immigrant" rallies, you have:

M. E. Ch. A. = "Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan" or "Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan." Which encourages students into acts of protest and Civil Disobedience against the "Gringo Occupiers" of Aztlan (the
Southwestern US, lost by Mexico during the Mexican-American War of 1846 -1848, for which territory we nevertheless paid $18,250,000 dollars in compensation back then).

O.L.A. = "Organization for the Liberation of Aztlan" Which openly advocates for revolution, violence against the "Gringos," and the use of force and Palestinian-like tactics, to reconquer Aztlan.

National Council of "La Raza" = Which rakes in millions of dollars in "Federal subsidies" and "Corporate Donations" posing as a "Hispanic Interests Group for all Hispanics of all nations" while, as its name implies, in reality focusing on endorsing, and mainstreaming, the "Reconquista" agenda, and Mexican indigenous interests of Aztlan.

Nación de Aztlan = "Nation of Aztlan" Which advised its members to prepare for armed confrontations during the rallies: " URGENT ALERT: From The Revolutionary Council and Provisional Government of Aztlan. April 26, 2006."
"Due to the recent large demonstrations of our people in major cities in occupied Anahuac, extremist European
invaders are preparing violent actions against us....Our Prime Minister is instructing every able bodied male to arm himself.....White law enforcement authorities..... in many cases they will join the criminal elements and participate in the slaughter of our people. Make sure you have weapons and plenty of ammunition in your homes at the ready."

Readers will find more on this at Michelle Malkin's site...

Hermandad Mexicana Unida = "United Mexican Brotherhood" (The Mexican "Boyz in the Hood" ?!?!)

La Raza Unida Party = "United La Raza Party" More of the same.

La Voz de Aztlan = Official mouthpiece of the Aztlan Movement, which espouses vitriolic anti-Semitism showing the flag of Israel sporting a swastika instead of a Star of David, and openly supports Palestinian and Islamic terrorists...

...which has also been propagating false photos of an alleged rape of Iraqi women in order to incite more hatred and violence against American soldiers in Iraq...

...and has crossed every conceivable line of decency and propriety, by posting pictures of American soldiers with their faces blown off, in an abhorrent, callous, celebratory feast of gloating and disrespect, which heinousness words can not fully describe:

CAUTION!!! I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST OPENING THIS LINK!!! The pictures posted by "La Voz de Aztlan" on this link are extremely graphic even for those who are not faint of heart, and highly offensive to the memory of our Fallen Heroes. Their inclusion here is strictly as evidence, for the sole purpose of DENOUNCING "La Voz de Aztlan")...

What is even more incredibly amazing after witnessing the above, is that none other than the "exalted" Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio R. Villaraigosa, adamantly refuses to repudiate "La Voz de Aztlan"!!!

One note worth mentioning about the "Honorable" Mayor of Los Angeles, is that he was born Antonio R. Villar, and upon his becoming a naturalized citizen (Thank God naturalized citizenships can be rescinded!), he merged the last name of his wife with his, so that it would be less "common" (as in peasants), and more "Señorial" (Lordly)! Talk about "alzados" (class conscious wannnabes from south of the border)!

He dropped out of High School and got involved with gangs. He eventually received an "Honorary Degree" (???) from Theodore Roosevelt High School (Teddy must be rolling in his grave!), attended East Los Angeles College (along with Cheech and Chong), moved on to UCLA, where he became involved as an activist for M.E.Ch.A., and then went on to study Law at the "People's College of Law, an "unaccredited" law school, hot- bed of radicalism, and communist and socialist ideologues, which maintains a socio-political requirement stating that: "An eligible candidate must be able to demonstrate a commitment to progressive social change"! Need anyone say more?!?!

It was these radical Communist, Socialist, Mexican Separatist, and Reconquista groups, which roused and helped spark the recent "in your face" protests and rallies by arrogant, mostly Mexican, illegal immigrants, brazenly parading their "illegality" with impunity down our streets, while making demands, threatening us with economic consequences, and intimidating us, the silent majority, we Americans, in our own land! What insolence!!!

The political philosophy and aim of these radical groups behind the " Great Immigration Protests" can be best summed up by the words of Antonia Darder, a Professor of Education and Cultural Studies at Claremont Graduate University, who often preached to the above "Aztlan" choir to the accolade of their thunderous applause and standing ovations:

"I grew up in a capitalist society, a society that taught us that greed of corporations control politics.....Capitalism is the root of domination. Racism and sexism exist because capitalism requires it."

She went on to say that the global economy forced smaller nations to surrender their self-sufficiency, with the end result of people having to migrate to the US for subsistence (the "Blame it on the Gringos Syndrome Inferiority Complex"!): "We're here because US Foreign Policy in Latin America has forced us here." ("Booo Hooo!!!" What nonsense!)

The above clearly elucidates that what certain radical "Aztlan" elements, which we have allowed to inundate us across our southern border for years now, unchecked, are trying to achieve by "riling" their fellow compatriots, who like them have also been pouring-in unchecked over our borders by the millions for years, into these mobs demonstrating and boycotting, is to try and establish "Mob Rule" within certain communities in America (as in L.A., Southern California, and the border states), in what they consider "Aztlan"!

Of course they want "Amnesty," of course they protest how much a part of America they wish to become! To begin with, their lives here, even when doing underpaid, grueling work, and with the uncertainties of being
"undocumented," is far better than what any of them can ever aspire to back where they come from! Obviously that is what has driven them here in the first place!

But the situation is far more complex, and sinister, for as proven by the many outrageous banners, the Mexican flags, the numerous "Ché Guevara" signs and T-shirts, and the arrogant attitudes of entitlement and defiance, which he have seen on our television screens, it is obvious that most of these illegal Mexican immigrants may wish to become "Americans" economically, alongside the hated "Gringo," and enjoy all the benefits and privileges, such as voting, of the status, but that far from wishing to become a part of America, integrate, and assimilate, their allegiances lie elsewhere. They have no "Love Lost" for America. The hatred of the "Europeans" and the "Gringos" is far too ingrained in them!

To the Aztlan radicals, becoming an American citizen means only one thing (other than not having to worry about being rounded-up and deported by the "Migra"), and has only one objective: To get the vote with which to gradually infiltrate our City Halls, our State Houses, and stack all branches of our academia and our government with
"sympathizers" or "stooges," as has been the case, for instance, with the "Public Relations" success of "La Raza" CEO Janet Murguía in mainstreaming that organization under the false pretenses that "it" stands for people it does not, securing ample funds to fuel the "Reconquista" cause, or the tactical success of M.E.Ch.A. and Aztlan in having Mayor Villaraigosa elected in los the mob!

Hatred and resentment of America has been prevalent throughout Latin America throughout decades. It is now escalating further, fueled by the auspices of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, and the rabidly anti-American newly
"popularly" elected President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, whose first major act upon becoming President of that tiny nation, which has had more "Coup d' États" in its tumultuous history than years as an independent nation, was to "Nationalize" foreign natural gas holdings in the country, with the assistance of his pal Chávez, who is presently in La Paz to discuss with Morales the nationalization of oil and gas, and has sent a team of experts from PDVSA, the Venezuelan state-owned oil company to assist in the process!

When President Bush attended the Summit of the Americas in Argentina, back in November, over ten thousand leftists demonstrators came, packing trains, from hundreds of miles away, to march, riot, and burn American flags, protesting everything from our Military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, to NAFTA, to Bush's physical presence in Mar del Plata....and to show their hatred for America! What is really ironic, is that all these protesters yelling:
"Yankees Go Home!" would gladly give up one testicle to be able to "Go Home With the Yankees"!!!

And things are getting worse! All over Latin America "leftist," "socialist," and "communist" radicals are getting elected at the ballot box by the "mob" through that very same blanket "democratic process" so highly hailed by President Bush as the remedy for all the woes of humanity!

In Peru, Ollanta Humala, described by the prestigious publication "Foreign Policy in Focus" as "...Washington's next 'Worst Nightmare' " is waiting in the wings to assume power. The self described "Socialist Revolutionary," who has been accused of having carried out a campaign of "ethnic cleansing," and of "human rights" violations, while he was an Officer in the Peruvian Military, has been ardently supported in his bid for power by President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, to the point that the outgoing Peruvian President, Toledo, recalled the Peruvian Ambassador, and severed ties with Venezuela, in protest of Chávez's intervention in Peruvian domestic politics!

Mr. Humala is an ardent admirer, and wishes to follow in the footsteps of, socialist dictator General Alvarado, who ruled Peru from 1968 to 1975, declared the Inca Chieftain Túpac Amaru, who fought the Spanish Conquistadores back in the 16th Century, the "National Icon of the Peruvian Revolution," made the ethnic Indian "Inca" language, "Quechua," an official language, and whose failed, Castro styled, "Agrarian Reform" and nationalization of inefficient industries, brought socio-economic ruin to Peru.

In Nicaragua, after the disastrous political corruption of several "democratically elected" Presidents, and the continuing, prevailing poverty and despair, no matter who is in power, the Sandinistas are once again raising their ugly head in the political process, and none other than "Comandante" Daniel Ortega, the communist, thieving, Sandinista Leader, who now lives in the mansion he once stole by force from Cesar Grijalva, the ex-Vice Minister of Education of the Somoza regime, who has been publicly accused by his step-daughter of repeatedly having raped her, who is the beloved of Fidel Castro, and who, though harping much about "the poor and downtrodden," has a "personal Jet" in which he travels, in a country that is plagued by abject poverty, is once again trying to come to power.

And to make matters worse, in Mexico, Manuel Lopez Obrador, the leftist Mayor of Mexico City, in his presidential candidacy, is in a dead heat for the lead in the upcoming presidential elections, with his platform of opening up the floodgates of Mexican illegal immigration into the United States even more (if that is humanly possible!), if he's elected!

What is pathetically, amusingly, ironic, is how all these socialist, communist, pigs (just as in George Orwell's prophetic parody "1984") like Castro, Chávez, Morales, Humala, et al, when redistributing wealth for "the downtrodden masses" after coming to power, seem to always redistribute it to themselves....while the rich loose everything, the poor even that which they lacked....and everyone eats shit!!!

So much for "El Ché's Socialist Worker's Paradise" so many of the illegal aliens in these demonstrations here at home, proudly proclaim with his picture on their T-shirts!

The outlook is bleak, and as Dickens would say "if the shade of things to come does not alter..." it is ominous!

Not only are we being invaded by people, most of whom come with such racial, ethnic, and socio-political "chips" on their shoulders, many of them with 17th Century mentalities, who live in a past full of "indigenous resentment" against the "white Europeans" which they then project unto us, and envious of the wealth and success of America, some of whom believe themselves entitled to take our land, wether by demographic invasion and eventual political clout (as with Villaraigosa, and the National Council for "La Raza"), or by force (as in the case of O.L.A. and "Aztlan"), whose motives are economic, while their allegiances and ideologies remain contrary to all that America stands for, and allied with all those in Latin America whose main characteristic concerning us, is that they hate America, but, judging by what history has proven in the past, the ascendancy of all these leftist regimes throughout Latin America will result in an exponential increase in poverty and misery across the region, which will then impel ten-fold the present numbers of illegal aliens that will seek to cross into the US in the near future!

That is why President Bush's "kinder, gentler" immigration policies, ironically embodied by one of his most virulent opponents, Senator Kennedy, into his Kennedy McCain bill, are preposterous, as are the many proposals that in the end only boil down to "Amnesty"! "A Rose by any other name will smell as sweet" to quote "The Bard," to which I will add "And 'Amnesty' by any other name, will smell as foul"!!!

In view of the impending, looming, probability of many more people gushing across the border, and the impact that their demographic spread, and the challenge that their lack of assimilation and integration and that of those already here poses to American society, it is crucial that America stops all its "Politically Correct" gesturing, and "Effeminate Sensitivities" nonsense, and acts forcefully to resolve this problem now....before it is too late, and we find ourselves fighting an illegal immigrant uprising in the "Barrios" of L.A. as if it were some kind of messy Falujah!

America is a Nation of Immigrants, but just as those immigrants who came and were duly processed at Ellis Island, we are also a nation of laws, and all who seek to come into our country should follow the appropriate procedures.

Though this may come as a surprise to many, WE ARE AT WAR! And the, brutal, savage, Islamofacist enemy we are facing has no frontiers or borders. It is imperative that we secure our borders for our national security, lest we have another "9/11".....this time with a nuclear dirty bomb, or a biological weapon, decimating one of our major cities!!!

America has, first and foremost, to erect a fence, both physical and technological, across our southern border, and man it in a manner similar to the very successful fence erected by the Israelis, which has helped deter so many terrorist attacks, and we MUST SECURE OUR BORDERS!

Secondly, we have to enforce our existing immigration laws, criminalize being in this country illegally, and increase the penalties to companies who hire illegals to substantial fines that will really break them in the pocket book, with mandatory prison sentences for executives who re-offend.

Thirdly, encourage all who are here illegally to leave the US, by promptly apprehending and deporting them any time that any government agency or official comes across them, with the exception of emergency medical care at hospitals, where they will not be reported for obvious humanitarian reasons, and increase the monitoring of work sites, and the raids on workplaces known to hire illegals. This will facilitate dealing with the 12 -20 million illegal aliens now in the country, without having to resort to the much dreaded "round-ups door to door" that the "bleeding heart" proponents of open borders like to paint as the consequence of enforcing our existing immigration laws.

As to breaking up families, the citizenship of children who were born here in America, both of whose parents were illegal at the time of their birth, should be rescinded, and the parents and their children deported.

Children who at the time of their birth at least one of their parents was here legally, will retain their citizenship, and the illegal parent will be allowed to stay and granted residency in the US. Grandparents, both paternal and maternal, of such children will also be granted residency in the US. Uncles and such other, however will be deported, though they may be later claimed by their naturalized relatives.

Once our borders are secured, the process to emigrate to the US should be simplified and streamlined, to the point that we may provide the economy with the workforce we need in a speedy manner, and facilitate entry, to qualified applicants who wish to legally emigrate to the US, with a faster, more humane process, instead of making them wait for countless years tangled in red-tape.

Finally, to maintain our National Identity and character, it is imperative we underline to all those seeking to be welcomed into the "American Dream," that once naturalized, their allegiance must be to this their country, America, and not the land they have chosen to leave behind, and that it is our American traditions, and values, that they are to cherish and treasure from that moment on. That doesn't detract from their treasuring , and being proud of, their ancestry, but we are all "Americans" first! As a corollary, all "Dual Citizenship" should be abolished. Either you are an "American" or you are not. You make the choice!

Now, many will decry the above, humble, suggestions as "Draconian," but as much as anyone would like to paint them thus, they are still commonsensical in principle! Sure, many details of such proposals will need tweaking and re-consideration, but the basic premises remain. It's a start!

Posted by Althor at May 4, 2006 8:10 PM

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