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May 26, 2006

If This Is Not The Time To Protest America - When Will It Ever Be?!?!

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Senator Lindsey Graham (R- SC) is one of the 31 Republican Senators who defected to the Democratic side of the Aisle when voting on the infamous Comprehensive Immigration Reform "Amnesty" Bill passed by the Senate, in particular when voting on cloture, which he and other Senators like him hastily voted on in order to shove this legislation down our collective throats!

Unlike other Senators, Graham has been more open in admitting that what motivates him in this, is that he feels American businesses, the corporate vested interests he serves, need the "cheap labor" furnished by these illegal aliens swarming our communities, and wants not only to keep the flood of illegal aliens flowing, but actually to increase it yearly!

In response to his votes on the Senate on this issue, I wrote him the following e-mail:

Senator Graham,

Sir, Your votes on the so called Comprehensive Immigration Reform "Amnesty" Bill are an outrage!

I strongly feel it is a betrayal of the Republican majority in the Senate, of concerned conservatives all over America, and of the will of the majority of your constituents, as polls clearly indicate, whose will, and not that of "special interests," you were elected to represent!

Apparently you seem to have forgotten whose views and interests you are supposed to be representing in Washington. It certainly is not that of the countless millions of illegal alien nationals from other countries infesting our cities, and that keep pouring over our southern border, which the corporate interests you represent simply want to exploit as a source of "cheap labor" to the detriment of our communities, our society, the National Character of our Nation, and of middle-class Americans!

Concerned Americans, and especially your constituents, will not forget this affront on your part come re-election time. May your insidious votes on this fiasco, granting wholesale amnesty to illegal aliens, and virtual potential American citizenship to everyone south of the border, mark the beginning of the end of your political career!

With much regret,


If this is not the time to protest America when will it ever be?!?!

It is about time that we, the silent majority, raise our voices as loudly as all those illegal aliens blatantly parading in insolence down our streets, demanding of us precisely that which this Senate has so obligingly granted them contrary to the will of the majority of the American people! The time to act is now!!!

Posted by Althor at May 26, 2006 11:08 AM

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