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May 25, 2006

How I Know President Bush's Plan For 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' Is Wrong For America

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Although I've always known that Amnesty for illegal aliens now - enforcement never, is bad for America, this morning I finally have proof postitive: Jimmy Carter supports the Bush plan...

And if Jimmy, the worst ex-president in history, supports something, America always looses!

Admittedly, the logic here may be a bit flawed, but in this case, it works! After all, the real question is "Of the People, By the People, For the People .... But Whose People?"

What will this 'comprehensive' plan actually do for America? Will this plan make it nationally mandatory for every state government to require proof of citizenship before handing out welfare or other social services? Will it stop Mexican consulates in America from handing out matricular consular cards to illegal aliens as a form of identification? Will it prevent companies in America from accepting these non-legal identification cards to open bank accounts, to buy cars, or to buy land or houses? Will it consolidate our teaching efforts and put a stop to multilingual teaching in American schools? Will it prevent day labor centers from being built with tax payer dollars? Will it stop state governors from issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens and avoiding proof of identity when voting? It's doubtful any of these concerns would be satisfied based on US government history in the matter and what was heard in the Presidents immigration speech. But this 'comprehensive plan' certainly does allow for workers to come safely into the US to work. This 'plan' offers eventual citizenship to millions of people despite the fact they violated US law and illegally took advantage of the societal safety net designed to help struggling Americans get back on their feet. Will this plan continue the insane tradition of offering in-state college tuition to illegal aliens? Probably.
Captain's Quarters appears to have similar concerns about Carter's support of the President's plan.

Posted by Richard at May 25, 2006 8:29 AM

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