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May 1, 2006


Topics: Administrative

Readers will have noticed that there was a break in posting over the weekend - our first full non-posting weekend since Hyscience began a year and a half ago. Since I'm usually the only weekend poster, and I was otherwise occupied - Hyscience was a no show.

To my son Michael and his wife Lauren, who were married this weekend and left this morning on their honeymoon - congratulations with my very best wishes and prayers for a long and happy life together.

To his best man Brian, who serves with Michael on a "special" team in Iraq - that was a hell of a toast, and you're a hell of a man. Thank you for "being there" in every sense of the term!

To Chuck and John from the "Brit" team, who flew in from vacation to attend the wedding, thank you for taking the time from your well-deserved break to fly all the way here from your vacation "spot".

To Brian and Ryan and Chuck, thanks for the "Semper Fi" camaraderie, with a special thanks to Chuck - I truly enjoyed being with a fellow "Recon" again.

And to Brian, Chuck, and John - thanks for an entire evening without a full glass. BTW, a great ending, we'll have to do that one again!

Chuck, yes your eye is black - but check the mirror, "all of you is black", no one's going to notice.

To all you guys, enjoy the rest of your vacation and your life, and please, stay safe, and come home alive when all this is over. I'll remember you guys for the rest of my days. Keep in touch.

Posted by Richard at May 1, 2006 5:50 AM

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