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May 2, 2006

Have we lost the first "skirmish" of the "Border War"?

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Today the news outlets have devoted most of their coverage to the "Day without an Immigrant" rallies across the nation. As is to be expected, being "politically correct" in their coverage, most, with the somewhat "attenuated" exception of Lou Dobbs, were unabashedly "pro-illegal immigration."

While there is mounting anger from Americans, to these "in your face" demonstrations by illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico, and their supporters, taking place around the nation, usually most of us are far too busy dealing with the exigencies of every day life, to go out and counter with our own demonstrations.

As a result, once again America is being "railroaded," and if our outcry and our actions do not reach a pitch, high and or loud enough, to be discernible in Washington, we, the "silent majority" will once again be outshouted by the "protesting minority," and will eventually have to swallow the presence of these 12 million illegal aliens in our midst, many of whom have blatantly, amply, shown in front of our TV cameras in these rallies, where their true
"allegiances" lie!

The marches today, themselves, were not that spectacular, with the exception, naturally, of those taking place in L.A. and Chicago, which are both bastions of illegal "Mexi-chicanery." Guessing from the many panoramic views of the streets below with little or no protesters, shown during John Gibson's program on Fox, it seems the Fox news helicopter was having difficulty finding any demonstrators outside of certain "designated" areas, where you would then see the crowds, much as if instead of protesting they were "extras" in some Hollywood movie; which speaks volume of how well planned and set-up for "maximum effect," "made for television," these marches are!

From, Miami, though mentioned once in passing by Wolf Blitzer on CNN, not once did any of the major networks show a scene of the supposedly "massive demonstrations" taking place there - no doubt, more likely than not, because they had not much to show!

Most Cuban-Americans came to this country legally, and unlike many of these illiterate, low-skilled, Mexican illegals flooding us, who come fleeing hunger and poverty, most Cubans came fleeing the brutal political persecution at the hands of the dictatorship of Fidel Castro and his henchmen; one of which, ironically, was "El Ché," an "icon" to many of these illegal Mexicans, who deeply identify with him as embodying their "political aspirations," as seen on our television screens, by the many who, outrageously, carried his image in these protests!

Needless to say, whatever support these Mexican illegal aliens may have hoped to have amongst the Cuban-American community, which, by the way with their hard work, ingenuity and effort, has turned a once a sleepy, "winter-get-away" town, Miami, into a center of International Banking, Commerce, the Arts, and a World Metropolis - compared to the squalid "Barrios" of L.A., rapidly went down the drain when they started waving Cuban flags "stenciled" with pictures of that murderous Revolutionary, responsible for the death- squad Genocide "fusilating" of countless innocent Cubans in the "Revolution"!

Neither does it seem that all the "hooplah" about their marches will have much of an impact economically, though those "poor," "blighted," American Companies which employ them, who for the most part are the only ones who have benefitted from their illegal labor, are the ones that had to shut down, and mostly bore the brunt of the illegal aliens' "absence," which, "Poetical Justice," serves them right!

What is truly troubling, is how this whole fiasco is being portrayed and spinned in the media! Not once did I hear any of the Major Networks, CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox refer to these as "Protests in favor of illegal immigration." The "illegal" part of it, as Lou Dobbs pointed out in his program, was left out by all the Networks, which scrambled to call it by every other conceivable name, so long as the "illegal" part of those protesting, and of their continued presence here in violation of our laws, was not mentioned!!!

What is even more disconcerting, is the unwillingness on the part of even the staunchest supporters of securing our borders, and of stopping this demographic invasion of illegal Mexicans swarming us, of having the "cojones" to say that yes, these people are here illegally, and should indeed be deported!!!

Lou Dobbs for all his anti- illegal immigration gruffness, as well as the supporters of the fence, as well as everyone that touched upon that Proverbial "beam in our eye" would readily "busy themselves" nit-picking "specks" on other aspects of the debate, but would not touch with a ten-foot pole, advocating the deportation of these 12-20 million illegal aliens amongst us, who are taking away our jobs, our housing, the room in our schools, and the beds in our hospitals; who are an unsustainable burden to our infrastructure, our Public services, our Fire and Police, and are overpopulating our prisons; are keeping our wages artificially low, debasing our culture, and ultimately turning our cities into Ghettos and slums: miniature "Tegucigalpas"!!!

What is most hateful to see is the self-congratulatory smugness with which Jorge Ramos, of Univision, who has been one of the most ardent rabble rouser proponents, through his Univision telecasts and his many books on the subject, of open borders and unconditional "Amnesty" to every incoming Mexican invading us, and Janet Murguia, CEO of "La Raza" an organization whose very name implies the original "racist," pro-Mexican "Mestizos" and "Indios" character of her organization, sit in front of the cameras and "smirk" in satisfaction when they ask: "Well, these twelve million illegals are here now, and what are you going to do about it, America? Round them up, and send them all back? It's impractical!"

At posing this question, they "bask" in the satisfaction of their firm belief, that we Americans - the "Great Power" who lost to a "rag-tag" band of North Vietnamese in sandals in the eyes of the world, due to our political "Kerry defeatism" which resulted in our pull out and the betrayal of our South Vietnamese allies, which gave rise to the Khemer Rouge and its genocide of over a million people in the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia, or the ones "tittering" now in Washington to stay the course in Iraq, or face down Iran's looming nuclear threat, harangued by all the "cut-and -run" Liberals who for petty political reasons wish vehemently, and are doing all in their power, for us to loose in Iraq - and that they've won!!!

We are simply, in their estimation, too "effeminate" and it would be too "distasteful," and "draconian," as the "Paper Tiger Nation" that they perceive us to be (a perception shared by many Islamofacists, who brag that all you have to do is step on the toe of an American soldier and they'll go home crying running, and Washington will pull its troops), for us to conceivably round up all these illegal aliens in an orderly fashion, and humanely deport them!!! Which is the only practical solution to thwarting this undeclared war of occupation by Mexico!

Being that the case, unless massive deportations, and the penalizing of all employers hiring these illegal aliens to dry up the so called "magnet," don't take place, Mexico will have won the first "skirmishes" of this "Border War" and would have gained a foothold within "Aztlan," the land it's people wish to reconquer...our land!!!

Amnesty will be granted to these 20 million and more will come, and then the exponential growing political power of the ones already "Naturalized" will guarantee "Amnesty" for the next 20 millions, and eventually one day it will be they, the Mexican "La Raza," which will "vote" to have us, the hated "Gringos," deported from our very own country...and I don't think they'll have any "politically correct" qualms about it!!!

Los Angeles Mayor Villarraigosa's election was hailed by many of these illegal Mexicans as the beginning of "La Reconquista." With these protests, they show they are growing more bold and brazen by the day; they are even losing fear of ICE "La Migra," which on the other hand, has lost several times now, a "precious" opportunity to have rounded up some hundreds of thousands of those "illusive illegal aliens" they claim they can never seem to find, and who were brazenly there, openly parading down our streets with impunity!

Of course, no doubt ICE would excuse itself under the pretext that, they were not allowed to check the Legal Status of the protesters unless they committed other crimes, which then, of course would be a matter for the local police, not them (who naturally would not call ICE because of L.A.'s "Sanctuary Policy"), or that they did not have the resources, or that there were not enough beds to hold them all, that we would be separating families, and all the other "myriad" excuses, "the usual suspects" as Louie of Casablanca fame would say, that cowardly politicians and their underlings at ICE use to justify the lack of "political will" to enforce our laws!!!

I just hope the "silent majority" awakens from their self induced stupefaction watching the "Natalee Holloway TV Reality Show Soap Opera Melodrama," the "The Duke Rape Case Fiasco," and or "American Idol," long enough to see the "Writing on the Wall"!

At this point we may be conceding the first battle, in a war we can not afford to loose!

Posted by Althor at May 2, 2006 12:17 AM

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