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May 15, 2006

Former Slave: Dear Illegal Alien - The Real Starting Point On The Illegal Alien Issue

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

In "A Letter from a Slave to an Illegal Alien" at Human Events we have the real starting point for discussions on the illegal alien problem. Take for example these excerpts:

(...) ... our nation's history has always been defined by one set of laws, one language and one flag of unity. This is what defines the United States of America!

(...) Therein lies your biggest problem. The public perception is that you want a different set of laws, and you want to ignore current laws. You even want an accommodation of your language in our national anthem, and some of your people are flaunting flags other than the flag of the USA.

(...) There is no doubt that the USA is a nation of immigrants -- legal immigrants. No one faults you for desiring the opportunity for a better life in the greatest country in the world. Although we do not consider your demonstrations a civil rights movement, there are some lessons you could learn from our 350-year struggle that may help you in your quest to come out of our nation's shadows.

(...) First, your illegal status is a non-starter for obtaining rights, benefits or a short cut to citizenship. It is creating massive public resentment and alienating those with compassionate hearts who might want to support a reasonable and fair road to your citizenship. You will not earn U.S. citizenship as long as you choose to ignore our laws, simply because you have been able to survive here illegally for a number of years.

(...) Second, your objectives are unclear, and your leadership uncertain. My ancestors' objectives have always been crystal clear, even when our leadership had been questionable, as it is today. Not every so-called "leader" capable of attracting media attention represents African-Americans' best interests.

(...) Third, get with the program on our use of the English language and respect and allegiance for our one flag. Second languages exist and are respected in many ethnic communities, but they learn the Star Spangled Banner in English. Our soldiers fight and die for one flag. Patriotism is alive and well in this country, just as it was when this nation was founded, and it will stay that way.

Read the rest.

If only our politicians had as much sense. Instead, our government is still operating on a "catch and release" basis and is itself contributing to the illegal alien problem:

(...) Beefed-up enforcement at the U.S.-Mexico border since Sept. 11, 2001, has substantially increased the number of arrests of illegal immigrants, but tens of thousands of captured non-Mexicans continue to be released into the United States because there is no place to hold them, according to experts and immigration officials.

(...) The vast majority simply slip away inside the country after being issued "Notices to Appear" for a deportation hearing -- documents known to Border Patrol agents as "Notices to Disappear." The success of border crossers who stay in the United States through this "catch-and-release" process has encouraged others who hope to enter the country the same way.

(...) In a dozen speeches since October, President Bush has vowed to replace catch-and-release with the "catch-and-return" of 150,000 "other than Mexican" (OTM) immigrants arrested each year. The goal is to deny court hearings to all but asylum-seekers, speed deportations and make the most of limited detention space in jails, prisons and immigration centers.

(...) But as Washington debates the overhaul of the nation's immigration laws and Bush prepares to address the nation on border protection Monday, the persistent catch-and-release problem is a reminder of costly and unintended consequences of past enforcement efforts.

(...) Even if authorities overcome operational and legal hurdles to curb the flow of people from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and other countries, experts say they will be addressing only a tiny sliver of the illegal immigration problem. The U.S. Border Patrol arrested nearly 1.2 million people last year -- the vast majority of them Mexicans who were returned across the border -- and estimates that 500,000 others evaded capture.

(...) "What Congress has built is one of the most expensive revolving doors in the world," said Victor Cerda, former chief of staff of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Without broader changes, he said, "You're going to be here in 10 years, with another 20 million aliens."

Just how we managed to get ourselves in this mess is itself a disgrace - all of us simply sat back and acted like the problem would somehow resolve itself or just go away - WE failed as a people in letting administration after administration continue the madness.

Well, the time has finally come to pay the piper, we've got to deal with it now, but this time for God's sake lets do it right. We absolutely have to stop letting more illegal immigrants across our borders, immediately deport those that are caught (no more catch and release - that works for fish - not people), and make it clear that if you illegally enter the United States of America you will never ever become a U.S. citizen.

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Posted by Richard at May 15, 2006 5:00 AM

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