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May 3, 2006

Duke lacrosse player: 'Duke officials abandoned team'

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From the very begining, I've thought there was something fishy about the case, and especially the D.A. whack job Nifong (who has been re-elected). I'm not speaking to the kids' guilt or innocence, but am surely speaking to it being called a "racial" issue, which it is not (if it did happen, which I don't believe it did - does Nifong and the town race-baiters think it wouldn't have happened with a good looking white chick? Come on, wake up!). I'm damned tired of the press and "others" using race to trump the real issues at hand.

According to the lacrosse player speaking out:

(...)"From the get-go, we've only had each other to fall back on," he said. "We've been convicted in the media. Our university turned its back on us...They didn't stand up for us. We feel neglected, and we feel that our loyalty to the university wasn't reciprocated."

(...) The player said he was 100-percent certain that a rape did not happen.

(...) "From the beginning, it was rape and these guys did this and this definitely happened, but only now do you see that there are two sides of the story," he said.

(...) "I just pray [Nifong] doesn't go through with it, that he doesn't indict another innocent person," the player said. "We're all anxious, because even if it's not me, it's going to be somebody else, who I care about."

Catch the video and the story here.

As for Nifong and the Duke officials, two sides of the same coin - a plugged nickel, and you know what that's worth!

Posted by Richard at May 3, 2006 3:01 AM

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