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May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code Reviews Keep Coming In - It's Still Getting Crucified

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Dana Stevens has another DVC review up at Slate.

On the book: I found reading The Da Vinci Code something of a trial--to paraphrase Mark Twain: Once you put it down, you can't pick it up--but at least, I told myself, it'll make a swell movie.

On the Movie: The Da Vinci Code stood little chance of being a great film, but it could easily have been a fun one. Instead, Howard takes a strangely respectful approach to the overheated mysticism of the novel, turning the film into that most boring of genres: the pious blockbuster.

I'm one of the 12 people in the country not to see the DVC, and have no plans of rewarding Ron Howard for a bad movie. As for the book, I haven't read that either, so Dan Brown won't be getting any of my bucks either.

After all, the other reviews were even more critical - you might even say that it was crucified.

And it looks like there may be another reason to avoid the movie and the book. An Adelaide author is now accusing Dan Brown of plagiarism:

(The Advertiser) An Adelaide author is taking legal action against Dan Brown, author of worldwide bestseller The Da Vinci Code, and the book's publisher, claiming breach of copyright.

Enzo Fardone, who claims to be an expert on the history of the Holy Grail after more than 20 years of research, yesterday accused Brown and Transworld Publishers, a London-based division of Random House, of plagiarism.

In a letter to Mr Fardone from Transworld, dated June 15, 1998, the publishing company told Mr. Fardone that they doubted that they could make a commercial success of it." Big mistake - big mistake!

Meanwhile - Ron Howard calls the reviews "frustrating".

HT - Egyptian Sandmonkey

Posted by Richard at May 19, 2006 11:58 AM

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