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May 16, 2006

Conservatives and other Americans concerned about unfettered illegal Mexican immigration up against a "stacked" deck of cards!

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

No matter which way you look at it, those of us concerned about unfettered illegal immigration, most of it coming from Mexico through the breach which has become our southern border, are playing, politically, against a "stacked" deck of cards.

To begin with, the answer to the question - "What are we going to do with the 12 million illegal, mostly Mexican, aliens in our midst?" - seems to have at this point turned into a moot one, since no matter which way you want to look at it, or what your political persuasion happens to be, if we do not begin by enforcing the existing immigration laws in our books, then all other further legislation, regardless of the attempt made to remedy the situation, still results in only one thing: "Amnesty"!

Even if we all were just to forget about the current immigration crisis, and, like the drunk who feigns not seeing the "pink elephant" in his living room out of fear of having to admit to himself that he's an alcoholic, we simply go back to our daily monotonies ignoring the sea of Mexican illegal aliens in which we are drowning, the fact that we would do nothing at all about the 12 - 20 million illegals presently within our borders, is tantamount to "Amnesty"! Status Quo - they would still be here!

Then, no matter which way you look at it, whether you make them wait ten years and pay a fine, or you send them back to the border to register only to have them return back to their homes here in the US, or you make them play "Musical Chairs," or even "Ring around the Rosy" like all the other proposals "out there" or in any other way accommodate these illegal aliens, are simply put - nothing than "variations of a common theme": "Amnesty"!

And it's pathetic to watch in dismay the faces of horror our politicians make when mentioning, even in passing, the possibility of simply enforcing our existing laws, resulting in the "deportation" of these 12 million human beings! They play on all sorts of melodramatic scenarios and pull at our "bleeding hearts" with all their "affectated" posturings, or dismiss the possibility as simply ludicrous, too impractical and "draconian," again, granting, no matter which way you look at it, a defacto "Amnesty" to anyone who is here now; no wonder they keep coming in droves over the border!

What is even more pathetic is to watch the condescending smirks on the faces of Jorge Ramos of Univision, Janet Murguia of "La Raza," and all the other pro-free borders, pro-unfettered Mexican immigration, proponents of a virtual "Aztlan," when they ask the above question in defiance: "Well, we are here now America, and what are you going to do about it?!?!", smug in their confidence that no matter what we do in Washington they've won.... because of our lack of, as they would say, "cojones" to grab the bull by the horns, and simply start rounding all these people up and send them packing!

A joke the "coyotes" smuggling-in many of these people into our country make as a selling point to prospective clients back in Mexico who have misgivings, a view of scorn shared by Bin Laden and the Islamist terrorists we are fighting which prompted them to have the "audacity" to carry out 9/11, is that Americans have grown too "gay and effeminate," as in San Francisco "gay," to have the "manliness" and determination to take any decisive, drastic measures, in any given situation, and that given half the chance, we'll flee from any conflict (as with the cut and run Democrats), or will compromise (as with the Senate Immigration Reform Bill), hence giving them the advantage - "a paper tiger" - which view, however fundamentally inaccurate, has been bolstered by our media, our politicians and our boisterous far-left, gay-loving, politically correct crowd and all their vociferous demonstrations against our taking a stance on anything at all....except in supporting their alternate lifestyles, peace-nik, tree hugging, liberal-progressive, socialist agendas! No wonder certain people would have such a perception of the "American Character"!

Is this the way we are going to deal with this issue? Sticking our collective heads in the sand and surrendering our "Sovereignty" to those that have come marching across our borders illegally and have taken over our jobs, our schools, and our cities?!?! By simply "patting" them on the back and mumbling a"Washington Magical Formulae" that all of a sudden makes them being here alright, while their compatriots keep pouring in?!?!

I say that before we can even consider any future discussion about reforming immigration, we must first take back our country, and send all these illegal aliens home! Americans get arrested and duly processed every day throughout America on a variety of petty charges, from driving with expired driving licenses, to being drunk in public, and yet these "illegal" aliens in our midst will not be touched with a "ten foot pole" by our authorities! Does that make any sense?!?!

Turns out that aside from the "Sanctuary" policies practiced in many American cities, giving illegal aliens "Carte Blanche," one of the most common excuses given by our authorities is that we lack the facilities in which to hold them once we apprehend them, and therefore they are forced to let them loose upon our society again - and then authorities conveniently complain that they can't find certain illegal aliens they are looking for, yet when they have them at hand, they let them go! How preposterous is that???

Seems to me the colorful Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe Arpaio, has the right idea. He apprehends the illegals in his jurisdiction, and just keeps putting up tents surrounded by guarded fences and barbed wire in which to detain them, and defies them: "Let them come, and I'll just keep adding tents all the way down to Mexico." Personally, I say why go through the expense? Just pack them all in buses and drive or fly them down to the border on the same day you catch them; that's all! Can't be any more humane than that!

One of the most alarming revelations that have come as a result of the extensive coverage of the President's speech on illegal immigration and securing the border yesterday, was CNN's disclosure that in the much publicized recent sting operations by ICE, which rounded up hundreds of undocumented illegal aliens at workplaces across the nation, once the cameras stopped rolling, and the news people were gone, most of the detainees were released back into our communities, again, siting the "lack of facilities in which to detain them" as an "excuse," which prompts the question: If that is the case, why were the raids conducted in the first place???

A "Photo-op"?!?! Is this what this all boils down to, including the President's speech?!?! Just a "Public Relations gimmick" on the part of the Federal Government to belay the growing fear and outrage of the American people about this situation, while the politicians in Washington, who are supposed to represent those Americans, figure out a way of "palatably" ramming all these illegal aliens down their throats?!?!

In his much publicized "much ado about nothing" speech yesterday, President Bush announced with much bravado that in order to help secure our borders, 6000 National Guard units will be deployed on our southern border, as if this was a "drastic step" he was taking, when in reality he should have deployed ten times that number years ago! Obviously, another P.R. stunt by the Administration to belatedly acquiesce the angst and concerns of the American people!

To add insult to injury, the deployed National Guard units, however, will not be able to "intercept," or "detain" any illegal aliens, but will only be present in a "supportive role" along the border, the mental image of which made me crack-up laughing in a bout of despondent dark humor, as I pictured in my mind's eye our valiant soldiers standing there at the border, powerless, just as a bunch of "tin soldiers" with Mexicans scurrying across all around them, some of them sticking their tongues out at them in defiance as they went by in mockery of their impotence, as our Border Patrol officers were elsewhere!!!

I for one, say that unless the House remains firm on HR4437, and the American people stop watching tabloid news on Fox and begin to actively engage en masse in this polemic, perhaps even carrying out massive demonstrations to rival that of the illegals and their supporters, the inevitable outcome will be that our President and our Senate will find a way to grant "Amnesty" to all these illegal aliens, and the American people will loose this battle! If this comes to pass, the Mexican "ethnic" domination is imminent, and it will forever change the face of the America we know and love! No wonder the smirk on the faces of Jorge Ramos, Janet Murguia, and their Mexican indigenous compatriots!

Posted by Althor at May 16, 2006 11:41 AM

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