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May 1, 2006

'Answer' And The Walkout - About That Trojan Horse (Updated)

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

In another reminder of the roots supporting the Illegal alien movement, Captain Ed suggests that the unabashed Stalinsts at ANSWER create a huge problem for the immigration-reform activists:

The impression given by ANSWER's inclusion is that the issue has become a Trojan horse for eliminating national sovereignty and the promotion of communism, much as their anti-war protests became. The last thing that the more reputable immigration groups need is another march on national TV with thousands of Che Guevara T-shirts in the fore.
As for the walkout, his suggestion that as should the walkout get as big as ANSWER would like it to, they should be prepared for a backlash in Congress. Indeed, this is "one demonstration that has a large capacity for unintended consquences".

However, although probably not practical, a commenter at Captain's Quarters has the right idea - perhaps, WE legal Americans should exercise our own influence. "For example, all those companies and businesses that gave their "immigrant" workers the day off...Cargill, Tyson Chicken, inter alia...what are they saying? Are they hiring ILLEGAL aliens to such an extent they have to shut down to pander to their employees? Is there a compiled list of companies who told their employees to take the day off?"

On the other hand, an even better idea is to ask the Bush administration why these companies aren't targets for Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's nationwide immigration enforcement strategy that is supposedly going to aggressively target employers who "knowingly and recklessly" hire illegal aliens, and those who help them find jobs. Unless he's all talk and no action, let see some action. For more on this, check out John Hawkins' piece at Right Wing News titled "Letter Of The Day: Businesses That Shut Down Today? They Need To Be Investigated".

Update: After hearing that Tyson Foods would be closing today as a number of their employees would apparently be taking part in the demonstrations, Dan Riehl went to the FEC site to see what Tyson has been doing in recent years just for Arkansas's Senate and House members. After seeing Tyson's political contributions, something tells him that Tyson likely won't be getting a visit from ICE anytime soon - he says call it a hunch, I call it a safe bet!

Posted by Richard at May 1, 2006 9:55 AM

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