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May 10, 2006

Akaka Still Hawking 'Akaka" Bill

Topics: Hawaiian News

The Star Bulletin reports Senator Dan Akaka (Hawaii) has taken to the Senate floor to remind colleagues that he was promised a vote on his bill for native Hawaiian recognition. Yesterday, he marked "Day Two" of his "education effort" for the bill, which has been stalled for six years.

If Akaka is serious, he should employ a monkey on the Senate floor in order to amuse his "colleagues" out of the boredom inherent in such fantasy lectures. If the U. S. Civil Rights Commission has rejected Akaka's masterpiece of political literature, then he should take the hint that his mentalities have eloped into the twilight zone. After all, even the severe criticisms of the Department of Justice over the contents of the Akaka Bill, likewise, did not deter either Senators Inouye or Akaka. They felt they above the law of the United States of America: "We can do anything we want."

Time should be commended for selecting this moron as the worst performing senator. American needs to identify these creatures, hovering about the lunatic fringe of our American reality.

Tomorrow, maybe Akaka's "colleagues" will toss coins at his feet to make him feel like his has a position in life after his days in the US Senate.

[HarryTho is Harry Owens - former Former Honorary Consul General]

Posted by HarryTho at May 10, 2006 2:54 PM

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