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May 4, 2006

About That Moussaoui Decision

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0,,1_196937569_195,00.jpgLate yesterday afternoon when I posted on the sentencing of Zacarias Moussaoui to life in prison for his part in the 9/11 conspiracy, I commented that I liked the idea of not making a martyr out of him, especially since that's what he wanted, and I also liked the idea of him being stuck in a cell for the rest of his life to stew over what he's done, even though he seemed to be more of an al-Qaeda wannabe than an actual intended 9/11 participant. Death would be too easy for him. I also said he received a hell of a lot more consideration than the Al-Qaeda bastards gave the thousands that died on 9/11, and that's what sets the West apart from the murderous Islamist pigs that slaughter innocent people.

As I've thought about it overnight, reviewed the Moussaoui trial exhibits and documents, and heard more about the jury's considerations (nine jurors found that Moussaoui suffered a difficult childhood in a dysfunctional family where he spent many of his early years in and out of orphanages), I've arrived at a different position - the jury was wrong and so was I.

Moussaoui kept silent - 3,000 innocent mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and friends died a terrible death. He was given a fair trial and found guilty. In the end, the American citizens that sat on the jury lost their nerve against a foe that gives no quarter. And unfortunately, the murderous, power-seeking, intolerant, hate-inspired Islamofascists are now looking at us and laughing - Moussaoui is right, America lost, he and Al-Qaeda have won.

And I'm not alone in feeling this way: Rusty at Jawa Report called the jury's decision a travesty of justice. Egyptian Sandmonkey says that America has lost the war on terror - we're too soft. Peggy Noonan says "it's as if we've become sophisticated beyond our intelligence, savvy beyond wisdom. Some might say we are showing a great and careful generosity, as befits a great nation. But maybe we're just, or also, rolling in our high-mindedness like a puppy in the grass."

And although I could continue with an almost endless number of comments from others that are also disappointed with our failure to recognize and engage our enemy, because we as a nation have gone soft on terror and fascism, and apparently lack the collective will to defeat the most ruthless enemy the world has ever known - Ace of Spades has a comment that describes the condition with which our nation appears afflicted:

We have lost something. We have a simple confidence in our own humanity, and our own right to exist. We now have to apologize for that right, and show "nuance" and "sophistication" in any effort to vindicate that right.
It is the simplicity of our confidence and our need to show "nuance" and "sophistication" in any effort to vindicate that right - that is killing us step by step.

We are too afflicted with softness, a "touchy-feely" sense of self-absorbed importance and superiority, to fight a war for our survival. We must somehow recognize that the Islamofascists and jihadists are going to kill us and destroy our freedoms, and if we don't we are going to die. Unless we somehow gather a collective will to engage as one nation in the war against Islamofascism and jihadism, what George Bush calls the "War On Terror", and rise up in "One" angry and determined voice to destroy our enemy, America has lost the war.

Egyptian Sandmonkey mentions in his post that we have shown mercy towards the merciless, and tolerance to those who would not extend it - and that's why we will lose. However, I disagree with him on this. Showing mercy toward the merciless and tolerance to those who would not extend it is a component of the soul of this great nation. Yet with this "soft" compassion, there must also be the steel to defeat one's enemies, and so far, there are too many among us who fail to realize that we are facing death as a people, and the death of our culture.

We're speeding toward a point of no return, in losing the war, unless we gather our collective steel, and resolve to keep it.

Posted by Richard at May 4, 2006 6:08 AM

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