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May 17, 2006

A Parable

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Imagine you have a beautiful home you are rightly proud of, and that most of your neighbors envy. You take proper care of your home and it shows, while your neighbors' homes are mostly neglected and unkempt, some are real wrecks due to their negligence.

Not that you are particularly "in your face about it", on the contrary, you occasionally invite your neighbors to come over, and even hire them to do chores around the house, which they avidly do since they find your house very pleasant.

One day you leave for work, and unbeknownst to you, one of your neighbors, whom you have often have had over to help you with chores around the house, and whom, until now, you have always considered a friend, sneaks into your house, opens the door, and brings in his family and settles down to live in your house.

When you come home, you find yourself with this "uninvited house guest," who abusing your generosity, not only broke into your home, but has brought his family along with him, they have settled down, are using your belongings, and they are taking food from your refrigerator, and medicines from your medicine cabinet, with total disregard for the fact that it is your home and not theirs - totally unfazed in their blatant insolence!

You ask them to leave, and they tell you, that you were the one that had asked them occasionally to work in the house, that they liked the house better than theirs, and they wanted to make it their home too, that they were here now, and their family were not going anywhere, and then asked you defiantly: "And what are you going to do about it?!?!"

Indignant, you call the police, the patrol comes, and the officers tell you that though it was an unlawful "breaking and entering," and that it was "trespassing" they did not want to enforce the laws since your "unwanted house guests" were not likely to leave peacefully, but would have to be dragged from your home kicking and screaming, and they didn't want to pull them out like that, lest they be accused of "police brutality" and their having forcibly removed them from your house termed "Draconian."

So, instead they tell you to learn to live with them, potty train them, and to write them off as "dependents" in your income taxes, which of course would make them "legal residents" in your home.

You make do the best you can of the situation, been that those in charge of enforcing the law, will not do so, but in the next days, more neighbors kept coming in, aided and abetted by those that came before them, and one day the situation reached critical mass and there was simply not enough room left in the house, and it was decided that someone had to leave so it was put to a vote, and when the votes were cast, guess what? Those that had envied your home, who resented you for it, that had come in surreptitiously, uninvited, all banded together, and voted you out of your house, your home!!!

Does that sound familiar? It should, since the "Jorge Ramoses," and the "Janet Munguias," have already snuck into our home, and brazenly tell us with a condescending smirk on their faces bordering on contempt "We are 12 million strong, we are here, we are not going anywhere, and what can you do about it America?" The arrogance the, insolence, and the unfazedness is unbearable!!!

We turn to our Authorities and Lawmakers and what do we get?
One thousand and one "Creative Ways" in which to juggle or justify keeping the "uninvited guests" in our house...and Ramos and Janet keep smirking condescendingly!

That is what is going on now in our "Illustrious Senate"! Makes you almost want to cry in desperation for some American Cesar that will disband the whole lot of them!

And what is worse is the sense of impotence that it brings you. These are the people you elected to represent you, yet they are not voting your mind, nor that of so many other outraged Americans like you, but their own minds - looking after their own interests! And they are selling us out like cattle at an auction!

Unbelievably, with a Republican majority in the Senate, yet an Amendment to the "Amnesty" Bill currently on the Floor proposed by Senator Johnny Isakson, Republican from Georgia, which proposed that the border be secured first to stem the flood of illegals pouring in from Mexico before tackling the issue of how to deal with the 12 -20 millions already here, was struck down, when 18 Republican Senators scurried over like rats to the Democrat's side:

Bennett (UT)
Brownback (R-KS),
Chafee (RI),
Coleman (MN),
Collins (ME),
Craig (ID),
DeWine (OH),
Graham (SC),
Hagel (NE),
Lugar (IN),
Martinez (FL),
Murkowski (AK),
Shelby (AL),
Snow (ME),
Specter (PA),
Stevens (AK),
Voinovich (OH),
Warner (VA)

I just hope and pray that regardless of the outcome of the present legislation they have partnered with the Democrats to enact, to try and literally shove down our collective throats these 12-20 million "unwanted guests in our house" illegals, that their constituents will mark them well, so that this travesty may mark the end of their devious political careers!!!

But so much for wishful thinking! Even on Fox news, "That Most Exalted Bastion of Conservatism" (not to mention tawdry tabloid news with Kimberly Gilfoil!), on Special Report with Brit Hume, none other than Fred Barnes, the editor of the Weekly Standard and a regular on the program, commented nonchalantly that in spite of the deep seated disapproval with the President's "Amnesty" speech by conservatives, bloggers, right-wing radio show hosts, and Rush Limbaugh, Senators would vote their way regardless; another cynical testament to the impotence they ascribe to us as voters. Period!

But it only gets better! In his latest Column Tony Blankley gives us the following bleak summary:

" is inconceivable that the November election will elect a congress more amenable to our cause. The next congress will have, if anything, more Democrats. Disgruntled conservatives will have no way of strengthening the anti-illegal immigrant vote: Their choice will be a soft Republican, a bad Democrat or abstention (which in effect is the same as a bad Democrat). It would seem to me that we lose nothing by trading an otherwise inevitable de facto guest worker condition for a genuinely secure border and employer sanction regimen."

So, what can we do America??? There are already streets in our cities where for miles you will not find a Mc Donald's or a Burger King, since all of the structures that once held them have been turned into "Taco Shops," supply and demand, and where one feels as if one was driving in Tegucigalpa rather than in an American Metropolis! Is this what we all want across our nation?!?!

Do we want our children, ill taught in our public schools which - as is happening even now in California as I write this - will have to lower considerably Academic Standards in order to accommodate the children of these illegal aliens who can not even pass an eighth grade level High School Exit Exam to graduate, to have to learn to Speak Spanish to be able to get a job, here, in their own land??? And how are they going to compete in a global economy with an eight grade education designed to accommodate illiterates?!?!

Ironically, though we, Middle America, should be the ones protesting en masse, by the millions, all over America this "sell-out" from our elected Representatives, it is the illegals and their supporters who will once again, tomorrow, take to the streets in Washington, to goad their Senate (not ours) to go on and pass this "Amnesty" Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, which as it stands, is only "comprehensive" in, to parody Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "How do I grant you Amnesty? Let me count the ways!"

Lenin once remarked that the great "Imperialist Nation," the US, was not going to be overtaken by force, but that it would be taken from within by the "Proletariat" or workers. I guess he prophetically spoke of Mexican "illegal" workers, and the leftist, Elitist, "Intelligentsia" which would pave the way for them to do so!

Posted by Althor at May 17, 2006 10:04 AM

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