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May 2006

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May 31, 2006

Vectors of Action Toward peace Part I
Michael Moore - Defendant
Ban Abortion Now?
The Wrong Man At CIA?
Exemplary Model Of Islamic Moderation Jails Editors For Publishing Mohammad Cartoons
On The Dem's Hidden Agenda
Illegal Alien-Approving Minority Of Republicans Conspired To Defeat Republican Majority: America Lost!
What The Media Never Tells Us About The Senate's 'Immigration Reform' Amnesty Bill

May 30, 2006

Time to pull out of Wisconsin - There's A Quagmire Going On
To Understand Africa, Is To Understand Its Culture
Honey, I Blew Up The Kids!
Will The Terrorist-Founded Islamic Group CAIR Come As 'Part Of The Package' With The Next Governor Of Florida?
USA Today's 'Immigration Math' Demonstrates Need Of Tutor
Probiotics could target causes of liver cancer
On Republicans Reaching A Crossroads On Immigration
On 'Europe's Weakness For Russia' - Implications For The U.S.?
Invisible Objects?
What Really Happened At Haditha?
Iraqi Army Has Big Catch
Add Harry To The List
Southern Border Not Our Only Problem - Serious Terrorist Threat To U.S Looms Just Across Our Northern Border
Twenty Two Problems With The Senate's Illegal Immigration Bill

May 29, 2006

On this Memorial Day weekend, I think back ...
Mexico aims to maintain easy flow over border!

May 28, 2006

To Our Armed Forces on Memorial Day
Flemming Rose And The European Politics Of Victimology
Iranian Supporter Of Madman Ahmadinejad Sends Message To Hyscience
Speech on Al-Manar TV: The Zionist Entity's Weakness is 'Their Strong Adherence to This World'... Our Strength is the Willingness to Sacrifice Our Blood & Children...

May 27, 2006

Images of the Recent Illegal Immigration Protests You'll Never See on CNN or for that Matter Anywhere on Primetime

May 26, 2006

Immigration And The Slide Toward Socialism
If This Is Not The Time To Protest America - When Will It Ever Be?!?!
U.S. Senate Goes To Hell In The Proverbial 'Handbasket' - Approves Citizenship To Illegal Aliens, Awards Them With Amnesty, And Guts Employer Enforcement And Fencing!!!
Harrytho 5/26 Natalee Holloway Commentary
This is getting interesting

May 25, 2006

Will they find the body ...
Wage Peace? Foster Freedom
CAIR Lashes out at term Islamofascism (Updated)
Some Excellent Observations by Thomas Sowell - Excerpts From His Trilogy of Articles: "Bordering on Fraud"
How I Know President Bush's Plan For 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' Is Wrong For America
Frist's Move For Cloture On Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (S. 2611) Passes - Moves Amnesty Forward
Pelosi,, And Friends 'Move On' The Internet
The Prevailing Malaise in Washington and the Senate Immigration Reform Bill
ABC News Busted

May 24, 2006

MIT Researcher Creates `Seeing Machine` - Let's Blind See
Taliban Offensive Busted
Akaka questions VA delays
Opinion: Reminiscing about "The Summer of 42"
Blood Pressure Drugs Associated With Reduced Risk Of Esophageal, Pancreatic And Colon Cancers
Illegal Aliens Make Ultimate Threat
Moving Toward War With Iran While Yawning
The Media's Agenda: AP Selectively Reports Osama's Message
Here's A NewsFlash For The Dixie Chicks
What Is It About The Last Name Kerry
A Letter From President Bush to Ahmadinejad
Is 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' The Begining Of A North American Union to Replace USA?
Do Not Resuscitate
PVS is reversible and often misdiagnosed

May 23, 2006

The Sad Story of Africa
Revisionist History - A Thorough Debunking Of Those Antiwar Myths About Iraq
Is Left-Leaning Google Censoring Right-Leaning Websites?
Saudi Men Who Rode School Bus Released
Nimrod Moonbat Award Alert: Socialist Lied About Military Service
Vincinte Fox Comes To America Lobbying For Immigration Reforrm
On Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigration, And Some Good Advice From John Gibson
American University In Cairo Becoming A Bastion Of Islamic Fundamentalism?
Duke Lacrosse Player Rape Case Gets More Stinky
Al-Qaeda Leader Funds Activities By Kidnapping Christian Children For Slavery
Dear God - Please Save Us From Ourselves!
"Sorry honey, I can't give you any cash right now. My assets are frozen" - literally!

May 22, 2006

HarryTho's 5/22 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Immigration Legislation Backlash May Portend Conservative Revolt
Those 'Ditsy Chicks' Are Back!
Saudi Textbooks Get Failing Grade
Food Fight Plot Unraveled
Dr. Sallah Sultan, President of American Center for Islamic Research in Columbus, Ohio Says 9/11 Attacks Planned by Americans
Iran Preparing Consignment Of 300 Vehicles And Two Civilian aircraft For Gaza Strip
Talibanistan - The Fighting Continues As Taliban Influence In Pakistan's Northwest Territories Grows
CAIR Islamic Jihad
Judge Revokes Bail For Saudi Men That Boarded School Bus
Rep. William Jefferson, D-La. Caught On Tape Taking Money
'Illegal Alien' Roundup (Of News)
The 20th Century Colonial Democide Of 50,000,000

May 21, 2006

Those Voices Of Defeat And Our Enemy Within
Some Advice From A Muslim Friend Of Democracy: On Democracy As A Goal In The Muslim World And The Necessity For Education And Economic Reform First
New Arrest In Natalee Holloway Case
Is "Deportation" a bad word?!?!
Two Saudi Men Jump Aboard School Bus In Tampa Florida
Opinion: On Ray Nagin's Re-election As Mayor of New Orleans

May 20, 2006

Spanish Inmigration Problem
Internal Border Patrol Document Exposes Huge Enforcement Gaps - Faults Ease Of Lawbreakers To Walk Away From Punishment
Ahmadinejad Photo Op
A Fashion Statement Of Freedom
A Civil War Brewing In The Palestinian Territory?
Mini-Interview With Congressman Jack Kingston On Illegal Immigration And More - The House May Hold The Line But Does Any Of This Really Matter?

May 19, 2006

Divestment roils Jewish-Presbyterian ties
Code Pink Loons Get Down To Looniness
Content Priorities
HarryTho 5/19 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Premature Babies Need Coffee?
Da Vinci Code Reviews Keep Coming In - It's Still Getting Crucified
Iran's Islamic Majlis (parliament) Adopts Color Coding For 'Infidels' (Updated)
On Senate Insanity Over The Immigration Issue
On Messages Of War And Peace: Iran's Khomeini-inspired Islam Verses Pope Benedicts' Christianity
The Biggest Scandal in the Duke University Rape Case (Updated)
Mexico Plans To Formally Complain About Troops And Fence

May 18, 2006

Robot carries out operation by itself
Jesuits - On Islam And Catholicism
American Convert: Muslims must reject democracy!
Border Patrol Agents: Bush Plan A Trojan Horse
Study findings should help tailor chemotherapy for breast cancer patients
Palestinians Used International Aid To Fund Terrorism
Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, C.S. Lewis, And Jesus Christ As A Poached Egg
Bolton compares Iran threat to Sept. 11 attacks - MSM Ignores Warning
'Bush Administration Responsible for Disaster'
Mexico, ACLU Preparing Lawsuit Against US Over Guard Deployment
Go To Church And Live Longer?
Ahmadinejad And The Hidden Imam
Senate Approves 370-mile Fence On Southern Border

May 17, 2006

Stupid Criminal Alert: Man Arrested After Buying Coffee Mate Non-dairy Creamer (he thought it was Methamphetamine)
Da Vinci Code Bombs With Critics - Gets Crucified
Those Senators That Put Mexico Before America
A Parable
Could Bush Succeed After All?
Palestinian Islamic terrorists Threaten U.S. and Europe
'Comprehensive' immigration reform won't stop flood of illegals
Saudi King Places More Restrictions On Women
Iran Rejects European Deal - Again!
Senate Leaves Out Welcome Mat To Flood Of Illegal Aliens

May 16, 2006

Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11
Salute To Dad
About That Cassandra Syndrome
Kennedy is GOD
Iraqi Ayatollah talks about the Annihilation of America, Muslim Conquest of the World, and Declares His Support of Nuclear Bombs in the Hands of Muslim and Arab Countries.
Lorie Byrd Leaves Polipundit
Conservatives and other Americans concerned about unfettered illegal Mexican immigration up against a "stacked" deck of cards!
All Those 'Crazyeeee... ' Terrorists
About That Speech
Well, that wasn't a soaring eagle...more like a "lame duck"!

May 15, 2006

The Thugs That Command The State, Own The State
The Bush Border Speech - Too Little Too Late
Following History's Rules in Iran - More On That Ahmadinejad Letter To President Bush
Iran's "War Generation" Comes To Power
Just Saying No To Amnesty And Exponential Immigration
New Findings Strengthen 'RNA Interference' Technology In Fight Against Cancer
Opinion: When will 'We, the People' put an end to all this treachery?
Four Teachers Murdered By Islamo-terrorists In Baghdad
Trolling For Your Answer With Polls: 'Polls, Questions In Polls, And Questions About Polls'
"Da Vinci Code" Unites Indian Muslims And Christians
Mexican President Vicente Fox Concerned About Militarization of Border
Templates For MSM Terrorism Coverage
Former Slave: Dear Illegal Alien - The Real Starting Point On The Illegal Alien Issue
Senate's Reform Bill Will Double Illegal Immigration

May 14, 2006

Clues Found To Grapefruit Drug Reaction
Suspicions Grow On Iran's Uranium And It's Intentions
Boston Herald: Ignore Iran's Tricks
Britain: Islamic terror suspects up 50 percent since last year
It's Mothers Day Everywhere

May 13, 2006

Polls, Polls, Polls: And Then There's The Media - Or Is It The Other Way Around
On Nancy 'Pelosism' And Kos Kool-Aid
On That May 1 Hiatus
Breath Of Life: A New Diagnostic Technique
EU draft: No enrichment at all !
Jakarta Crowds Cheer Ahmadinejad As He Calls For Israel's Annihilation - 'Reminiscent Of Hitler's Rallies'
The MoHamster Dance
In Defense Of The NSA

May 12, 2006

IAEA's El Baradei Says Nuke Terrorists a Worry
While Washington Fiddles With Illegal Alien Problem - American's Like Ron White Pay The Price
Warning Over Search Engine Safety
More On That NSA Nonsense
New Al-Qaeda Video calls for 'sea of blood'
USA's NSA Spoof-Bait For Dems - Just Another 'Wolf Cry'!
Carcinogens from Parents' Tobacco Smoke Found in Their Babies Urine
University Closed By Brain Tumor Incidences

May 11, 2006

Firing of the CIA Director
Now There's Bi-lingual Potato Chips?
Mubarak 'Stomping On Democracy' As Egyptian Police Beat Pro-Democracy Marchers -
More On That 'Hello To The Great Satan"
A Somalian has executed in public the murderer of his father stabbing him
Snoozzzz... 'Senate Breaks Deadlock On Immigration' (Updated)
Iran's 'Final' Warning - A 'Declaration Of War'? (Updated)

May 10, 2006

Analyzing Ahmadinejad's Admonitions
Good Fathers have a Wimpy Face
Exercise Linked to Reduced Skin Cancer Risk
Radical Islam is globalization for losers
Akaka Still Hawking 'Akaka" Bill
A Radical Muslim Of A Different Sort
How Do You Eat Spaghetti In A Burka?
Just Another Day Of More Spin By The Border Protection Agency At DHS
Spammer Gets Five Years In Prison
Image of Christ On Rock In Mexico Draws Believers
AP 'Smitten With Ahmadinejad' - He Just Wants To Bond!
Hitchens: Muhammad 'Not A Prophet' - He's An 'Epileptic Plagiarist'
On "indicting ham sandwiches" and "Operative Plame 00 negative."

May 9, 2006

And these are the teachers of the future Spanish Foreign Experts
Colorado Legislator Introduces an Abortion Survivor
Melatonin Supplements May Promote Daytime Sleep
Palestinian Religious Leader Blasts Christian Zionists
Teens who pledge virginity have difficulty 'keeping it up'
Guest-worker Debate Boosts Alien-smuggling Business
Cancer Resistance Found to Be Transferable in Mice
US Redirects Nixed PA Funds To Medical Program
'Unstoptable Flying Robot' Could Replace Suicide Bombers
U.S. Dismisses Ahmadinejad's Letter
Moussaoui Says He Lied
Ahmadinejad Gives In To Pressure Against Women Soccer Fans
'Web In Revolt' As 'US protests to free Alaa'

May 8, 2006

Happening Right Now - The trapped miners are free
Five Witnesses Say Joe Wilson Outed Valerie Plame
'Allah' Takes Over Catholic Church In Belgium
Delayed Start Today
Andrea Clark Has Passed Away
Arrested Blogger Needs Help - Urgent Action Requested!

May 7, 2006

Is America suffering from "Attention Deficit Disorder"?
Islamic Scholars Embrace Hamas With Fatwa
New York Times Loves Zarqawi
Parkinson's targets 'cell boiler room'

May 6, 2006

Israel foils plot to kill Palestinian president
Patrick Kennedy - A 'Case' Study With What's Wrong With Washington (And America)

May 5, 2006

Tap Water May Raise Bladder Cancer Risk In Men
Hawaii - Akaka Bill Rejected
Italian Communists Use Deception, Subterfuge And Iran To Kill Italian Soldiers
Ahmadinejad And The Mahdi
'Poncho Hour Of Power' Offers Prize For First Illegal Alien To Name Baby After Lou Dobbs
Forbes: 'Castro Fortune Estimated At $900 Million'
Getting Damned Serious About Those Illegals
Cartoon Threats Stiffin Dane's Resolve
Karsh On 'Islamic Imperialism'
'Drunk Swedes ejected from Egypt for mocking Islam'
Islamists Exploiting Video Game 'Mods'

May 4, 2006

Patrick Kennedy - Just A Case Of Bad Driving Skills?
Vitamin A drug may help young cancer patients
Is illegal Mexicans' 'mob rule' enacting our Legislation?!?!
We like free software
Challenge To Islam - 'O ye, of little tolerant faith'
Not Yet Ready For Prime Time - Zarqawi Video Bloopers Found
'Democrats Must Fight Illegal Immigration'
Why No to Iraq But Yes To Sudan
Nagin's Plan
About That Moussaoui Decision

May 3, 2006

Poll: Americans Favor House Approach To Illegal Immigration
Islamic Bloc: We Respect Press Freedom But...
Moussaoui Gets Life
Google's Hardware Demise
Salute To Our Military And Their Families
Arab Reformists Under Threat by Islamists: Bin Laden Urges Killing of 'Freethinkers'
Tsunami May Will Not Hit Fiji and New Zealand - breaking story
'Arch Criminal' 6 Year-Old Little Girl Receives Allah's Wrath
Facts About Bush's Tax Cuts About Which The Left 'Misspeaks'
The Real Martyrs Of The Muslim World - Christians
When Is A Terrorist A Terrorist
About Those Gas Prices And Bush's "Appeasenomics"
Bangladesh new center of 'Islamic terrorism'
Morning Newsbites And Quips
Sami Al-Arian's Dance With The Left Comes To An End
Duke lacrosse player: 'Duke officials abandoned team'
The Law Failed but the Public Outcry Prevailed
Skype Wi-Fi Phone

May 2, 2006

HarryTho 5/02 Natalee Holloway Open Thread
Glow-in-the-Dark Creature to Provide View Inside Human Body
Americans are Less Healthy
Our Gas Purchases Funding Terrorism
Italy Minus Berlusconi Equals Trouble?
Talking With The "Real" Pictures About The May Day Protests
Quick News Check
Good News About Andrea Clark!
Have we lost the first "skirmish" of the "Border War"?
A Moderate Muslim Is 'Saying No to Jihad'
Late Evening 'Illegal' Immigrant Update

May 1, 2006

Lybia's Qadhafi On Al-Jazeera: 'There Are Signs Allah Will Grant Islam Victory In Europe; Europe & U.S. Should Agree To Become Islamic'
Positive Moves In Iraq Following Nomination Of New PM
Garlic, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and Ginger Require Caution With Coumadin
Marching Illegal Aliens Loosing Support From Legal Americans
Lodi Terror Case - Intent Matters
Iran Complains To UN About 'U.S. Threats'?
Latest Al-Qaeda Media-Ops Reveal All Is Not Well
Sami al-Arian Gets Jail Before Getting "Go" Pass Out Of Country
'Iran Capable of Terrorist Attacks in U.S. Anytime' - And Other Musings On Iran
'Answer' And The Walkout - About That Trojan Horse (Updated)
'Illegal Alien Day' - Not A Good Day For Legal Americans
Iran Watch