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April 12, 2006

Turning The Illegal Immigration Issue Into A Huge Winner For The GOP In 2006

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

John Hawkins suggests that should the GOP unite on illegal immigration, it could "beat the Democrats brains out politically on the issue".

He says to just "look at the backlash that's being created by these incredibly obnoxious illegal immigrant rallies..."

I'm inclined to agree with John. Like most of us that have spent some time watching waves of illegal aliens marching in the streets of America demanding rights, rights not offered even to American citizens (unlike the mostly Mexican illegals, we have to obey the laws or suffer the consequences), I'm sure that a vast majority of Americans are as disgusted as I am over the government's inaction and complete failure to enforce the laws of our nation. Both parties have been putting politics ahead of national interest, however the Republicans have allowed the Democrats to convince them that it's in their interest to swallow the Democratic agenda.

Be sure to read all of John's piece.

Posted by Richard at April 12, 2006 1:32 PM

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