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April 20, 2006

Thoughts On That Visit By Iran's Nuclear Negotiator - And the 'Bomb'

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As the US tries to push other nations to impose a travel ban on Iranian government officials over Tehran's nuclear program, a senior Iranian official slipped into the country for a visit this month.

So just how did the Iranian nuclear negotiator slip into Washington and who is he meeting with?

The New York Times reported that the State Department confirmed that Mohammad Nahavandian, an aide to the top Iranian nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, was in Washington. But Sean McCormack, the department spokesman, said, "He's not here for meetings with U.S. government officials, to my knowledge."

Reuters added that State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said "We have no record of issuing a visa to a person with this name."

The Guardian reported that the US reaffirmed that it is refusing to discuss Iran's nuclear plans in face-to-face talks on Iraq.

Apparently, not only Mexicans are slipping into the country whenever they want to. So far, our government hasn't lifted a finger to keep millions of illegal mexicans from jumping into the country - and we have no idea where they are (unless you actually venture out of your home - because they are EVERYWHERE), so what's the big deal over an Iranian nuclear expert or two or .... ?

On a related note
- the clock on Iran's development of "the bomb" is ticking, but how fast? Here's some interesting information from Arms Control

Assuming natural uranium with 0.711 percent U235, I calculated--using alternate "tails assay" estimates (how much good stuff goes into the waste) of 0.3 and 0.5 percent--Iran needs between 3852-4823 SWU to produce enouch HEU for a bomb.

Time to “Bomb” (25 kg of 90 percent U235)
No. of Centrifuges
2 SWU/Centrifuge
3 SWU/Centrifuge
12-15 years
8-10 years
234-293 days
156-196 days
13-16 days
9-11 days

What should be clear is that the calculation ... implies that the United States intelligence community thinks Iran's centrifuges are not very capable--much closer to 2 SWU a year than 3.

Read more..., and run the numbers yourself.

Hat tip - Regime Change Iran

Related: (via RCI) World Tribune:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps announced that the military controls much of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman.

"Iran can block oil export whenever necessary," IRGC Air Force commander Gen. Hosein Salami said. "This is a natural ability of our country." Read More...

Posted by Richard at April 20, 2006 6:24 AM

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