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April 1, 2006

Those Latino immigrant-rights organizers and their sympathizers: About Civil Rights - Or Just Lawlessness?

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

In this L.A. Times opinion piece, Joe Hicks reminds us that the debate over illegal immigration has reached a vigorous boil, with contrasting bills in the House and Senate and hundreds of thousands of protesters demonstrating nationwide. He suggests that the complexities of this debate seem lost on many of the protesters, and says that although many claim that what lies beneath reform efforts is raw racism, leading to the view that the recent protests signal a new civil rights movement. However:

(...) ... many Latino immigrant-rights organizers and their sympathizers seem to be saying that there is some inherent right being expressed when people sneak into the country, thumb their noses at the law and make fools out of those who wait patiently in foreign lands for visas to come to the United States.

(...) It is quite clear that many of those participating in the demonstrations have adopted the stance of the beleaguered victim, perceiving frustration about illegal immigration as racism. Some comments have been painfully ignorant. One protester said: "I'm here to make sure that Mexicans get their freedom, their rights."

(...) During the student protests, the American flag was only occasionally on display, while the Mexican flag was omnipresent. A student said he was waving the latter in support of La Raza (the race), while another asked why illegal immigrants were "treated like criminals." Perhaps he wasn't aware that crossing the U.S. border without the required visa is now, and always has been, against the law.

... as is made clear in this excerpts, saying that what lies behind the reform efforts has anything to do with racism, simply not true!

It is not the immigration reformers that are the racists.

Posted by Richard at April 1, 2006 9:37 AM

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