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April 24, 2006

The Palestinians: Cult Of Suicide - Culture Of Failure

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

mask.gifBradley Burston calls suicide the ultimate pornography, and offers interesting insights into the Palestinian culture of death:

We cannot look away, it hits too deep in the human imagination. Perhaps that is because suicide constitutes the ultimate mystery. Anxious to know why a suicide takes the decision, we can only ask those who fail at it. Those who succeed at it, remain precisely as indecipherable as death itself.

In the lexicon of suicide, there are few acts more obscenely pornographic than human bombs who target the innocent and the uninvolved.

And there is this element of perversity as well: where the Palestinian national movement is concerned, the effect of suicide bombing has been nothing short of catastrophic.

The shahid bomber, soiling the name of Islam as he acts in the name of Allah, has soiled the name of Palestine as no one else, draining the Palestinian people of the abundant reservoir of international good will that their cause and their plight enjoyed for decades.

In the process, the bomber plays directly into the hands of those he or she hates the most, in particular, the settlers and the Jewish hard right.


Readers will find additional insight into the Palestinian suicide culture at "The Culture of Martyrdom: How suicide bombing became not just a means but an end".

Suicide bombing is the crack cocaine of warfare. It doesn't just inflict death and terror on its victims; it intoxicates the people who sponsor it. It unleashes the deepest and most addictive human passions--the thirst for vengeance, the desire for religious purity, the longing for earthly glory and eternal salvation. Suicide bombing isn't just a tactic in a larger war; it overwhelms the political goals it is meant to serve.
Here's more on the Palestinian insanity!

Posted by Richard at April 24, 2006 10:32 PM

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