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April 10, 2006

Steyn's 'Must Read' On Immigration Reform

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Mark Steyn via Riehl World View offers up some real world perspective on our Immigration and Naturalization Service reform:

(...) Go ahead, try it. In Michelle Malkin's book Invasion, she recounts the tale of two fellows who in August 2001 pulled into a 7-Eleven parking lot in Falls Church, Va., in search of fake ID from the illegal-alien assistance network that hangs around there. Luis Martinez-Flores, who'd been living here illegally since 1994, took them along to the local DMV, supplied them with a fake address and falsely certified they lived there. The very next day, the two guys returned with two pals of their own, and used their own brand-new state ID on which the ink was not yet dry to obtain in turn brand-new state ID for their buddies. A couple of weeks later, all four of them used their Virginia ID to board American Airlines Flight 77 at Dulles Airport and plowed it into the Pentagon.

(...) ... Here's another place where family values stops: The rubble of the World Trade Center. Deena Gilbey is a British subject whose late husband worked on the 84th floor: On the morning of Sept. 11, instead of fleeing, he returned to the building to help evacuate his co-workers. A few days later, Mrs. Gilbey receives a letter from the INS noting that as she's now widowed her immigration status has changed and she's obliged to leave the country along with her two children (both U.S. citizens). Think about that: Having legally admitted to the country the terrorists who killed her husband, the U.S. government's first act on having facilitated his murder is to add insult to grievous injury by serving his widow with a deportation order.

Go read it all and be frightened!

It's time to understand that the Mexican government, Open Borders, MEChA, LULAC and other left-wing organizations are all demanding that the US pay no attention to its laws, or to terrorists. Illegal immigrants and their handlers are in effect telling us that their ''rights' trump the US, its Constitution, its citizens and its laws. And it's to these threats that we, as American voters, need to respond. Let's start by letting our senators know how we feel about their caving in to illegal aliens while ignoring American citizens, our borders, and our laws! Tell them that the problem isn't about the need for new laws; the problem is about "their" lack of enforcement of existing laws. Why is it suddenly necessary for congress to pass laws on illegal immigration when we haven't been enforcing the laws that already exist.

hat tip - Riehl World View, who has additional commentary.

Posted by Richard at April 10, 2006 10:57 AM

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