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April 17, 2006

On Iran - It's a difficult situation, and it's going to get worse!

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It's apparently time for a morning rant on Iran, and there's never a shortage of fuel (pun intended) for inspiring frustrations over the truly whacko Islamist regime that continues to tell the world it intends to take it over for Islam, while destroying Israel and the West that supports allowing it to exist at all. Unfortunately, no matter how it's cut, after all the talk is done, in the end there's only one option:


.... and that's the fact that the guy on the right has to be next!

Our most recent signal that this is the case is that Iran's Islamist regime now appears to be convinced that it can whip the U.S., Israel, and the West in a military confrontation, and seems to have no intentions of the slightest compromise:

[...] Tehran appears convinced it can deter or even win a military confrontation with the United States, with Iran buoyed by high oil prices, support from militants across the region and American woes in Iraq, AFP reported.

The regime gave fresh signals on Sunday that it was in no mood for a compromise over its nuclear programme as it continued to flout a UN Security Council demand for a freeze in uranium enrichment by April 28.

And in another display of defiance, a hardline Iranian group said it had managed to enroll 55,000 people for suicide attacks against Israel and Western powers.

(...) Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Aliasghar Soltanieh, signalled no concessions were on the horizon.

(...) "The IAEA secretary and inspectors get into too many details," he complained in an interview with state television. "The information and the issues brought up during inspections make trouble.

(...) "The agency has to be cautious now that such claims (of secret nuclear weapons work) have proved unfounded," he said, telling the IAEA "not to request inspections" of sensitive military sites.

So while claiming "peaceful" intentions Iran is telling the IAEA ""not to request inspections" of sensitive military sites", and we are suppose to have confidence in Iran's claims that they are not making atomic weapons? This, in spite of their stated intentions of destroying Israel and their evil supporters?

Yet, while Iran continues to work at breakneck speed to develop "peaceful" use of nuclear technology and fuel (and if you believe that there's a hell of a lot of swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you that I don't even own), as usual, there's politicians in Washington that believe somehow, someway, in spite of years of lying, cheating and deceiving the world - the U.S. can negotiate with Islamic nutcases convinced that God wants them to take over the world so that it can all be under an Islamic caliphate.

It's almost certain that Iran is as intent on world domination and destruction as it actually says it is, and years of history have proven that it is impossible to convince them to abandon their support of worldwide terrorism and development of nuclear capabilities; so, does sitting around and pretending everything will be okay while continuing to attempt to talk them out of what they have explicitly stated they intend to do (and most recently even training suicide bombers to attack the West), while allowing them time to make nuclear bombs - make any sense at all?

And if Iran's efforts are so peaceful, why this:

The Iranian government has intensified efforts to illegally obtain weapons technology from the United States, contracting with dealers across the country for spare parts to maintain its aging American-made air force planes, its missile forces and its alleged nuclear weapons program, according to federal law enforcement authorities.

Over the past two years, arms dealers have exported or attempted to export to Iran experimental aircraft; machines used for measuring the strength of steel, which is critical in the development of nuclear weapons; assembly kits for F-14 Tomcat fighter jets; and a range of components used in missile systems and fighter-jet engines.

"Iran's weapons acquisition program is becoming more organized," said Stephen Bogni, acting chief of the Arms and Strategic Technology Investigations Unit of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). "They are looking for more varied and sophisticated technology. Night-vision equipment, unmanned aircraft, missile technology" and weapons of mass destruction.

Since Iran has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt so far that they cannot be trusted, and this they have most certainly done, just how is it that they are going to be easier to deal with sitting on top of an arsenal of atomic bombs that they have clearly stated in every way possible that they have every intention of using?

Are our politicians nuts?

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Important read: Would We Have an Iran Nuclear Crisis If Al Gore Were President? (Speaks to the importance of having a united America and a supportive press - and the MSM's tendency to support Dems while railing on Republicans)

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Posted by Richard at April 17, 2006 5:59 AM

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