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April 28, 2006

'Oil God' Causes Market Fuel Prices To Drop - and other musings

Topics: Corporate Greed

Color me clueless and confused, especially after my post yesterday calling for a boycott of Exxon Mobil - which many readers thought was a less-than-stellar and clueless idea, but I'll never figure out or understand why it is that "market fuel prices" always seem to suddenly drop for one reason or another (read excuse) just when public outrage seems to reach critical mass (read mass outrage).

Yes, once again as in the past, speculators and/or "The Oil God" - wherever he or she resides, has decided that there are reasons for market fuel prices to drop - in a quick 48 hours.

As for yesterday's post that drew so much angst and anger from many readers, even to the point of some leveling the ultimate insult at me suggesting that I was a leftie moonbat - what the heck, I admit that I'm no oil market guru, just a humble immunopharmacologist that's frustrated over massive profits being taken when a great nation and it's people are at war against a ruthless foe hell-bent on destroying us.

And much of this frustration comes because lately there always seems to be one reason or another (yes there are some valid contributing factors) for oil prices to rise while oil companies draw out massive profits (and they certainly do deserve a profit for the great risks they take), albeit taken incrimentally through various points up the supply line, and oil company executives receive compensation at rates beyond what most humans on the planet consider far above the value that a single human being can contribute in knowledge and ability to a venture or company. When considered withIn the context of contributions to mankind such as those of Jenner, Pasteur, Flemming, and Salk - contributions that resulted in the saving of millions of lives and the elimination of much suffering from the efforts of these individual human beings who received little compensation, something just seems out of whack.

Maybe this is simply moonbat-thinking on my part; even though I'm a life-long, prolife, conservative Republican, sometimes I think wrongly (read - a little leftie). And even though for much of my adult life I've been involved with scientific venture capital projects and have much appreciation for capitalism - I strongly believe in it, sometimes I fall into the trap of trying to put things into perspective, a difficult and perhaps impractical endeavor these days given the complexities of life we all now find ourselves wrapped-up in.

As for the boycott idea, I'm still thinking about whether I should get longer life batteries for my electric wheelchair, or simply invest in Exxon Mobile. Until I decide, my gas-guzzling van will be passing up Exxon Mobile stations out of spite. It's probably a terrible idea but it will make me feel good - even if for all the wrong reasons. Trust me, it won't be my first mistake in life, I've made a few others in the past.

Posted by Richard at April 28, 2006 6:52 AM

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