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April 20, 2006

Nutty Professor Has Regrets

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The Northern Kentucky University professor who participated in an act of vandalism of a pro-life display has reversed her prior unrepentant position:

"I deeply regret my impulsive action in dismantling that display."
She was put on leave until her retirement - she will not return to school. Jacobsen drew fire from even those sympathetic with her pro-abortion views and recieved a formal reprimand from NKU President James Votruba:
"This was a very serious lapse in judgment. You don't invite students to participate in breaking the law or inhibiting other's free speech. You just don't do that if you're a faculty member. And I think the university has responded appropriately but I also think you have to look at a career over 27 years..not just in terms of a single act."

While Jacobsen may have apologized expressed regret, in an e-mail dated April 18, she wrote to her students:

"I want to do everything I can to keep any of you from being specifically named," she said. "And I am very sorry I got you involved in this."
Given her initial public statement that her students were responsible for the vandalism (while not admitting to her own participation), I'm not sure I would trust her apology. And, since it was her advice that led to this ridiculous situation, perhaps her students should think twice about listening to the legal counsel she provides in the email:
"In the meantime, the campus police continue their investigation," she said. "If you have not yet been interrogated, you do not have to talk to them without an attorney. You can make it hard to find you. Again, I am so sorry."
Although it is unlikely to happen, the group that Jacobsen ought to apologize to is the newly formed Northern Right to Life, a group of students who apparently worked quite hard to set up the display. Their efforts were squashed by this senior faculty member and their materials were destroyed.

However with charges apparently imminent, Jacobsen has stopped talking (except to her co-conspirators).

The Northern quotes police Lt. Col. Jeffrey Martin:

"At this time, we don't anticipate the students being charged," Martin said. "They were intimidated by an authority figure into believing that this was not a criminal act."

(...) "I would anticipate that (Jacobsen) will be charged," Martin said. "The probable cause is overwhelming."

The good news it that the University took the appropriate action and continues to investigate. The police are involved in the case and no one, except a few extremists, supports what Jacobsen has done. Others inclined to vandalize may think twice before justifying their illegal activities on the basis of their ideology.

Posted by tim at April 20, 2006 2:57 AM

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