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April 10, 2006

Illegal Alien Organizers Back With New Tactics: Now "Putting Lips On Pigs"

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Illegal alien public relations experts are advising their followers to put aside the Mexican flags and tone down their radicalism, but many reconquistadors and their friends can't help themselves.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that the mass protests in the US highlight alien immigrant clout:

(...) Some call it "the browning of America." Others see it as an economic necessity. Hispanics have become the largest minority group in the United States and the target of anger in a national debate over immigration.

(...) The country built and populated by immigrants is wrestling with ways to tighten border controls and weighing the future of an estimated 11 million, mostly Mexican, illegal immigrants.

(...) The huge scale of those protests -- including at least 500,000 people in Los Angeles -- was a departure from the past when fear of being deported made illegal immigrants reluctant to engage in public activism.

(...) "What we are seeing in the streets is a naked assertion of power," Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, said. "This isn't really about immigration -- it's about power."

(...) Immigrant activists prefer to call it strength in numbers -- and the numbers have been rising. So has the use of Spanish, which has become an unofficial second language, found on government forms and the menus of automatic teller machines.

Color me just dumb and perplexed, but is there anyone out there who can help this humble South Georgia farmboy understand just why is it and how is it that "ILLEGAL" ALIENS should have any voice whatsoever in America's affairs - much less why should our politicians give an ear to what they have to say???

Clout? What happened to the rights and importance of the voices of LEGAL AMERICANS, including the millions of LEGAL MEXICAN-AMERICANS that have come to our country legally?

Moving on to the legislative front, if you thought that nothing could be worse than the corrupt status quo on illegal immigration, think again. The much-touted immigration "compromise" that is currently stalled in the Senate - is far worse!

The politicians in Washington are being softened by the Mexican illegal alien organizers and the demonstrations - the overwhelming number of whom don't vote because - they are "I L L E G A L" A L I E N S. Shouldn't our politicians be caring more about the security and future of America, and the LEGAL Americans who DO vote?

Posted by Richard at April 10, 2006 9:00 AM

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