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April 7, 2006

HarryTho 4/7 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

This evening, I thought I would try to debunk more rumors floating about the media. First, to the best of my information, Police Chief Dompig remains the head of the investigative team for Natalee Holloway's disappearance. The rumors, naturally originated from the Dairio Newspaper, misunderstood a routine change in the assistance status under superintendent Bernadina. Each year, his primary assistant is rotated amongst the four deputy police chiefs. Well, this is Dolfi Richardson's year to be the primary assistant. On the other Dompig-related rumor, yes, there have been changes in the investigative team; however those changes occur all the time.

As for the Boeti revelations, well, they seem to be just that ... revelations from a drug-influenced imagination. Boeti has been singing this same song since June 2005. It may have a different chorus now that MSNBC News seems infatuated with it. One of our posters presented some interesting arguments with which to take Boeti somewhat seriously. These arguments provided a caveat that we detox Boeti, first. If detoxified, Boeti might make clearer representations than he has been. Given that the stellar production of his drug trade landed him in the bushes directly across from Natalee's room, he may have had a ringside seat to all the ongoings in Natalee's room. Whether or not knowing what color panties Ruth McVay wore becomes meaningful, we cannot tell. However, Boeti may have witnessed other things more pertinent to the case ... who entered Natalee's room ... who remained in Natalee's room? What other rooms and the activities of their occupants that he saw might also be significant. I believe that it is worthwhile to detoxify Boeti and find out what he really does know.

Lastly, there is the issue of this poor fellow, Maikel Juddan who was found brutally beaten to death in a cave. Maikel was a bouncer from the Carlos & Charlie area of Aruba. Whether or not his death has any relation to Natalee's disappearance is unknown. But in order to be mutilated the way his body was: legs severed, head bashed in and body burned, he must have some information desperately desired by someone.

It is unkind to point fingers, but if I were batman Philly Joe, I would expect surveillance on my activities. You do not go on international TV, swing a baseball bat and threatening Aruban residents without some fallout. The prank was cute when everyone was just spitting at one another. It is a different story now that someone, possibly associated with the case, has had his head caved in. The baseball bat and Joe the Eggman's intentions were clear. I wonder how difficult it will be to put a baseball bat in the cave with the mutilated body of Juddan?

Additionally, we cannot forget our old Chicago friend, Michael Posner. A mutilated death like Juddan's must make Aruba feel like old times in Cicero:

Good Ship Lollipop: Part 1

"The Murder Mansion was an appropriate setting for what Rocky Infelise had in mind. He told the skittish Jahoda a few short hours before a well-planned murder to lead the unsuspecting Bobby Plummer up the flight of stairs to the second-floor casino and "just keep going." Plummer was a "revenue collector" for Ferriola, and a gambler of long standing in the northern suburbs. He also operated the Front Runner Messenger Service, a horse-betting parlor in Highwood belonging to Michael Posner, a protégé of Ferriola and a kingpin in Lake County mob vice operations. Plummer, of north suburban Lake Forest, was attacked on the stairway and savagely beaten to death. His body was found in the trunk of his wife's Lincoln Continental in a Mundelein Holiday Inn parking lot. Jahoda still cannot forget the horrible death cries of Plummer as he was dispatched from this world.
The murder of Hal C. Smith, high stakes gambler and man-about-town, went down much like the child's nursery rhyme; the one where the spider draws the fly into the web and devours him. In this scenario, Smith was easily overpowered and dragged into the kitchen. There, he was restrained, brutally tortured, beaten and strangled before he became the "trunk music" as Solly D. had prophesied. At the time of his death, Hal Smith was cooperating with a government probe into the mob rackets. Smith's body was pulled out of his Cadillac in the parking lot of the Arlington Park Hilton and Bill Jahoda was commended for his fine work in the deadly caper by Joseph Ferriola himself.

Acting through his underboss, Rocco Ernest Infelise, head of one of the largest "street crews" in Chicago, Ferriola directed Jahoda to lure 51-year-old Robert Heyden Plummer to the outfit's elegantly appointed "Murder Mansion" in northern Libertyville Township. The secluded Lake County mansion in the woods once belonged to a local millionaire, Bruce Rouse, and his wife, Darlene, until they were brutally murdered in 1980. Their case was never solved."

Now, I am sure posters will have their own ideas about Maikel Juddan's death; however, between Philly Joe the Batman and Michael Posner's Good Ship Lollipop gang, we have persons of interests who enjoy swinging bats in anger and someone with real experience in the finer art of head bashing techniques. How can we overlook these two well-to-do, miracle millionaires who fell into money not long after their releases from prison as felons?

With that I will wait to update whatever scuttlebutt makes the weekend news. My next editorial will be on Monday 10 April 2006.


Posted by HarryTho at April 7, 2006 9:15 PM

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