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April 6, 2006

HarryTho 4/6 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

This evening, we will continue the hot topic of the "new witness" emerging in the Natalee Holloway case. Last evening, Joe Tacopina and his investigative guru, Les Lavine, revealed a tape recording of Police Chief Dompig's brother-in-law stating that, for money, he would tell what he knows about Natalee Holloway, and where she went after she appearance on the Marriott Beach with Joran van der Sloot. In support of this news witness, Boeti, Joe Tacopina revealed some interesting information about the hotel room key issued to Natalee Holloway.

When one first reads and hears this information, it does appear to be startling. Yet, the facts soon weave their way into the tale, and it dissipates, quickly. Boeti is a known flake that overdoes the drug scene. He may be a drug dealer, but he samples way too much of his own product. Boeti even claims to have sold drugs to Natalee Holloway. Whether that is true or not is of little consequence. Boeti, in his constant state of drug delusion, will never stand before a cross-examination. His testimony is essentially worthless. As for the request for money, obviously he has remained conscious (reasonably free of drugs) long enough to realize that there exists a $250,000 reward for precisely such information. How delusion do you have to be in order to ignore such an offer? Clearly, Boeti is riding on his brother-in-law's reputation and attempting to squeeze some money out of the unsuspecting, American Natalee-hunters. Interviewing Boeti is akin to Dr. Phil's filming the "secret" brothel on Curacao. It makes for exciting news for the cartoon crowd following the case.

Next, with the help of Dave Holloway, we were able to deconstruct the hotel room key story. Room keys were passed out to Natalee and her three roommates. In the four days of their Aruba stay, the roommates interchanged the credit-card-like room keys. According to Dave, the room key that Natalee was using indicates usage at 8:30 PM on the night in question. The one assigned to Natalee by the desk clerk at the Holiday Inn indicated usage at 1:26 AM, 3:22 AM, 3:36 AM and 11:02 AM. It seems easy enough to follow that Ruth McVay may have used the room key at 1:26 AM, 3:32 AM, 3:36 AM and 11:02 AM. Natalee's key was never used after 8:30 PM, the night before. From the room key record, it seems that Natalee did not return to the hotel and use her room key to enter her room. Please note that this does not mean that Natalee did not return to the hotel. It just means that she did not use her room key in order to enter her room. After all, she could have "hooked up" with Kevin Broday and spent the night in his room, entertaining.

As for the times, at 8:30 PM, Natalee was in the Excelsior Casino. Accordingly, even the 8:30 PM entry comes into question. At 1:26 AM, Natalee was in the company of Joran van der Sloot. The two entries at 3:22 and 3:26 may be explained by one of the girls coming back from partying and going to get some going ice in order to continue responsible drinking. As for the beach entrance by the sliding door to Natalee's room that may not be controlled by the room key. Also, there exists the distinct possibility that Natalee entered her room with one of her roommates and then left. What does seem evident is that Natalee did not use the room key that she was assigned, or it appears any other key, to enter her room on the night in question.

It can be argued that the girls conspired with one another to pull off some Natalee-pregnancy disappearing act, but they would not have been astute enough to consider the room data recorded on their credit-card room keys. We have to assume that Natalee's absence was not privy to her to roommates. Hence, if Natalee made it to back to the Holiday Inn, she was not lodging in her room. If something happened to Natalee at the hotel, it most likely did not happen in her room. Unfortunately, the police confirm, as do many other sources, that the Kingdom of Mountain brook teens swapped rooms often during their stay.

If what Frances Byrd and some of the security personnel report is correct, then Kevin Broday would be center stage in this investigation. Natalee's classmates suggested that Natalee intended to "hook up" with Kevin later that evening. Obviously, Kevin resided in another room of the Holiday Inn. Again obviously, she could not have used her hotel key to enter Kevin's room. Kevin must have a rock-solid alibi, or we would have heard his name way before now. He was known to the FBI since 2 June 2005.

Lastly for this evening, the police has discovered the mutilated body of a bouncer from the Carlos & Charlie area in cave. His name is Maikel Judden, nickname: "pitbull," from St. Nicolas. Maikel's legs were severed; his head was bashed in, and he was burned. Also, the report contends that his hands were tied behind his back.

Is Maikel's sudden demise any connection to Natalee's disappearance? Who knows at this stage. However, for a body to become that brutalized, Maikel had something the interrogators wanted to know, desperately.

Rasping Rita of MSNBC News interviewed Les Levine, Art Wood and Beth Twitty over the Boeti recordings.

Les contends it is not his duty to ascertain Boeti's truthfulness. He claims Boeti skipped through the cracks, because the investigation was too narrowly focused upon the current suspects.

Rita shows how close Boeti's home in the bushes was located ... directly across from Natalee's room, so he had an excellent view of all Natalee's movements.

Now, we learn that Boeti was in jail for drug trafficking ... some 10 years!

Art Wood claims that Boeti was interviewed and used by the Aruban police in order to arrest the two security guards.

Les counters Art with the fact that if the police took Boeti seriously, then it follows that he is credible enough to be believed now!

Rita airs that her MSNBC News producer recorded Boeti asking to speak person-to-person to Beth Twitty. Boeti claims that he wants to set the record straight with Beth Twitty ... something about the "it is more than one night."

Beth Twitty claims that Boeti is being used by media and investigators. She alleges some work with Dennis Jacobs in order to implicate the security guards. She denies that any of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids ever met Boeti, much less bought any drugs from him. Despite the connection with Dompig, Beth reveals that the Kalpoes are related to Dompig, as well. Beth continues with Boeti just rambling on about anything. She feels people can get Boeti to say anything.

Comment: I have to agree with Beth Twitty. Boeti is unreliable. For the Tacopina group to air Boeti and his ramblings is a disservice to their cause. Les Levine, supporting Boeti's statements, did not enhance Tacopina's credibility in defending Joran van der Sloot.

Greta of Fox News interviewed John Q. Kelly and her panel.

John Q. Kelly reports that Karin Janssen would not discuss the alleged demotion of Police Chief Dompig. Greta interprets Karin silence as her being afraid to comment. John contends that Dompig was dead wrong in his 48 Hours interview.

In response to what John felt about Police Chief Dompig, he refers to him as thin-skinned and blaming the family for the failed investigation.

The sand dunes search will end tomorrow noon. There are no findings. John feels that the case will end, if no leads are produced after the TV re-enactment airing.

Greta holds her panel: Jeanine Pirro feels the Aruban Law Enforcement should communicate better with the family. Jim Hammer agrees with Pirro. Jim claims to respect Karin Janssen. He wants to know who is in charge of this investigation.

Ted Williams feels Police Chief Dompig is unprofessional and uncouth.

Bernie Grimm degrades the investigation and feels all the CBS information presented should be discarded.

Jim Hammer feels the new investigative team should lie low and conduct surveillance.

Comment: Unfortunately for Greta and her panel, Police chief Dompig was not removed from the case.

Jeanine Pirro wants the investigative team to start over and wants answers to Dompig's brother-in-law's involvement in this case.


Posted by HarryTho at April 6, 2006 11:17 PM

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