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April 5, 2006

HarryTho 4/5 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

It is too difficult to ignore the latest information released last evening by Joe Tacopina over the issue of Natalee's room key. Accordingly, I will continue this evening with some thoughts on that issue.

For those who did not hear the Joe Tacopina news, we have the transcript in last evening's commentary. Essentially, it gravitates about this exchange:

"VAN SUSTEREN: ... if there's any proof. You know, are there any surveillance camera in the hall to indicate who might have used that key?

TACOPINA: They did not pick up anybody at that timeframe. Again, we've spoken to an individual who has viewed these surveillance tapes that has claimed that there's absolutely no one on it.

And I'll give you one little twist, Greta. And I'm not suggesting you were jumping to that conclusion, but I'm sure people will. The twist is this. One of our investigators and individuals has a tape of a witness who's known to Chief Dompig and Aruban law enforcement and is an individual, I think, that they, at least at some point, should have been or were looking into in regards to this investigation. That witness and/or suspect is on tape saying he knows for a fact that Natalee was in her room after 3:00 AM on the morning of May 30, '05.

VAN SUSTEREN: And is this someone who was traveling with them, or is this someone an Aruban? This is someone who was on Aruba, a tourist or someone who lives there."
The first release was that there exists data on Natalee Holloway's room key, a credit card type, that indicated someone used the key (card) to enter Natalee's room at 1:26 AM, 3:22 AM and 3:36 AM on the morning in which she disappeared. Most of this discussion rambled around whether or not Natalee was the one who used the key. Most posters gave the possibility little promise. For one thing, given the existing stories from the suspects, Natalee would have been in Joran's company from midnight to 2:30 AM and on Marriott Beach at 2:00 AM, making it difficult to envision her entering her room at 1:26 AM. Hence, the room key data was useless in pinpointing Natalee's whereabouts.

The second issue developed as discrepancy between the surveillance cameras and the entry times to Natalee's room. This discrepancy seemed to carry more credibility and appeared to be directing the investigation into the declarations of the Holiday Inn staff and the security manager. Yet, as in every lead in this case, it turns out that no surveillance camera ever existed that monitored the hallways of the Holiday Inn, in particular the access to Natalee's room. Although we seemed to have reached yet another dead end, there exists many refutations to statements about Natalee Holloway returning to, or being seen around, the Holiday Inn at 3:00 AM in the morning, based upon her absence on surveillance camera recordings. Well, if as our Internet intelligence suggests that there exists only two surveillance cameras in the lobby area, then all those refutations have been debunked as nonsense. Essentially, we have no way of knowing one way or the other, if Natalee returned to the Holiday Inn that morning.

The third release is even more alarming. Joe Tacopina claims to have a video tape of an individual declaring, in no unspecific terms, that he knows, for certain, that Natalee Holloway was in her room at 3:00 AM on the morning in question. Joe Tacopina implies that the individual was with Natalee Hollway in her room at that time. What is more is that this person ... and apparently his declaration ... has been known to the Aruban Law Enforcement personnel.

If true, this person's testimony amounts to exculpatory evidence that Joran van der Sloot was not the last one seen with Natalee Holloway. Furthermore, we have to question the motive of the Aruban Law Enforcement effort in disregarding this testimony. Additionally, to me, we have to question why no one else reported seeing this gentleman in the company of Natalee Holloway for 10 months!

Following these revelations, the Dairio newspaper ... not exactly a pillar of credibility in this case ... announced that Police Chief Dompig has been replaced and will not be commenting to the media henceforth. What was this all about? Is this because he shunned John Q. Kelly on his last trip to Aruba? Is this because of his statements to the media? Or, is this somehow connected with this new witness? Whatever the reason, it seems clear that a new mind was needed to tackle these new revelations and peruse the old data.

Clearly, if Natalee Holloway was in her room at 3:00 AM, I suspect that the investigation has to be directed back to the Kingdom of Mountain Brook. First, we did they remain so silent about Natalee's location. Although, Francis Byrd did mention seeing Natalee in the Holiday Inn after Carlos & Charlies. And, a few security personnel admitted seeing her, as well. So, the idea of her being in her room ... entertaining ... is not earth-shattering. It is just puzzling why it has been kept so quiet ... and why someone spent 90 days in jail because of it. How can we rationalize the jail time?

If the Kingdom of Mountain Brook mob was so upset about two Black security guards spending a few days in jail, how could they condone three months for another person? There has to be something more involved here that includes the security guards. We have reports that one of the security guards ... Jones ... was witnessed speaking with Natalee Holloway; whereas, the other security guard had a reputation for approaching .... sensually ... blonde, female tourists. To me, I suspect the collateral services that these security guards performed for the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens may have been that connection. For all parties to remain so quiet, it seems whatever happened to Natalee .... if she was in fact in her room at 3:00 AM ... implicated the security guards and the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens. If Natalee met her demise in some manner, I suspect that the security guards (one or both) colluded with Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens to dispose of Natalee's body.

Who should we focus upon? Kevin Broday. Kevin carried Natalee back to her room the night before. Natalee's classmates: Whatley & Broughton, seemed convinced that Natalee would "hook up" with Kevin that evening. If Natalee did make it back to her room, then Kevin may have dropped in on her. Natalee had two roommates, so either they changed room in order to allow Natalee to entertain, or Natalee changed rooms for that evening. It seems with this new declaration that Natalee remained in her room. So, her roommates must have slept in another room. What happened in Natalee's room after 3:00 AM? This new witness can tell part of the story.

Rasping Rita interviewed Jossy Mansur, Joe Tacopina, Les Levine and Dave Holloway...

Jossy reports that Police Chief Dompig has been removed from the case. Joe reports on a taped interview with a guy named Booty who claims that Natalee returned to her hotel room. As it turns out, Booty is Police Chief Dompig's brother-in-law. Dompig married Booty's sister. Booty is a confirmed drug dealer who claims he sold the drug ecstacy to Natalee on the night in question. Booty claims he was concerned about Natalee's condition on the night in question. Also, Booty has other information that he is willing to sell. Joe and Rita reveal that Booty did not know that he was being taped.

Rita and Joe discussed the conflict of interest between Dompig and his drug-dealer brother-in-law....

Joe reminds everyone that Francis Byrd, Natalee's best friend, reported seeing Natalee "in her room" way back in June 2005.

Dave Holloway calls Joe Tacopina's news "smoke and mirrors." He feels that this witness Booty was always high on drugs. He refers to Booty as a "bought witness." Dave reveals Beth and his research on the room key. Dave reports that the room key believed to be used by Natalee was last used at 8:30 PM the night before. Dave claims the room key aired by Joe Tacopina was used again at 11:02 AM the next day. He feels all this Booty and credit card news is mere propaganda. Dave claims credit for the room key and Booty.

Comment: Booty has been covered by other blogs as a potential suspect and drug dealer. Some blogs even made the connection between Booty and Dompig. Essentially, Dave is correct that Booty is not a new witness. The question now is why he has been overlooked. And, he is selling information about Natalee Holloway!

With Aloha,
Joe revealed that some Aruban official stated, today, that Joran van der Sloot is no longer the prime suspect.

Posted by HarryTho at April 5, 2006 9:21 PM

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