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April 4, 2006

HarryTho 4/4 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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This evening, I will recap a round up of events/rumors allegedly ongoing in Aruba. The event of most significance is the re-enactment of Natalee's stay in Aruba. Although not a clear picture has been provided as to what exactly this re-enactment will consist, it seems to be popular opinion that Nataee's entire stay in Aruba will re-eneacted. Of course, with the family "joining in," we can be certain that suppression of events will effect the presentation. So far, the main concern of interest in the media is the commandeering of Deepak Kalpoe's car.

The Dutch TV coordinator believes that the show may spark some leads in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Also, there is word that America's Most wanted will take part in publication of the re-enactment. I suppose that there may exist a couple from West Texas who may have seem something while visiting Aruba.

Next, we have the report of yet another plea from Karin Janssen, the prosecutor, to extend the time allowed for the investigation. Janssen is so bankrupt for evidence, she may become the symbol of lost causes, replacing St. Christopher. Maybe Aruba could coin some medal, embossing Karin's picture on the front with a cute prayer on the reverse, as a way to recoup the fortune lost trying to solve this case. If people will pay a dollar for plastic bracelet, maybe they can be enticed to buy a keepsake medal.

On the New York front, John Q. Kelly is embroiled in an effort to rationalize the witchcraft of his Kingdom of Mountain Brook client. Since his name appears on the last page of 102254/2006, he braves a task as insurmountable as that of Taco Brahe before the Inquisition. Even Police Chief Dompig ignores him. I suspect it might have been better, if he failed to serve the complaint. At least then, he would just have egg on his face. Response date is this week ... maybe Friday.

The pictures of the young, underaged ladies of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook seemed to cause a stir. However, I seriously doubt any Alabama law enforcement personnel will call upon them for underage drinking. When you live in the White, affluent side of town, you do not get bothered for minor law breaking. Code of Alabama! Of course, it would be special if the residence, hosting these underaged, alcohol extravaganzas, belonged to newly appointed Deputy Sheriff Beth Twitty. She could practice what she preaches in her "Save Yourself" campaign.

On the top of the speculation front, a picture has surface from the Excelsior Casino which many allege is Paulus van der Sloot talking with Natalee Holloway at the blackjack table. I suspect if Paulus had been seen near Natalee, we would have been overwhelmed with sexual predator theories long before now. Can you even imagine CNN, Fox or MSNBC overlooking a sexual predator angle? Not a chance!

The Dutch team is continuing their grid-by-grid with cadaver dogs search of the sand dunes and selected areas on Aruba. So far, the results remain empty.

From the panels of experts on the cable news networks, everyone is negative about everything. I find it difficult to believe that any good will come from all this hype. But, I suspect Joran and the Kalpoe brothers will walk from these 10-month-old suspicions and witchcraft rantings from Alabama.

With Aloha,

Posted by Richard at April 4, 2006 8:12 PM

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