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April 14, 2006

HarryTho 4/14 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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One of our readers sent me a picture-format of Kelly's filing (Scott Baber's filing). First, it appears from the general outline of the affidavits of Natalee's classmates, that Natalee's classmates were coached, and most of the classmates claim they do not desire to return to Aruba. Second, they allege a willingness to testify in New York. None of the classmates acknowledge any more than they saw Natalee in the company of Joran van der Sloot at the Excelsior Casino or Carlos & Charlies. Clearly, these affidavits have one main purpose - to maintain the lawsuit in New York.

Some of the affidavits are reasonable ... if these classmates had anything to offer to the case. Brian Riser, Nancy Watson, Dewi Billano and Haleigh Uncapher currently reside in New York. Nancy Watson lives on Staten Island. Haleigh Uncapher lives in Manhattan.

To me, the only original affidavit came from David Thorpe of Princeton. His affidavit expresses the emotional impact of Natalee's disappearance. Yet, does David have anything to offer to the case?

Interestingly, Elizabeth Cain and Katherine Whatley mention in their affidavits that they took a "sick" friend back early, leaving Natalee Holloway behind in Carlos & Charlies. Why even mention this? There must be a reason! Was the guilt of leaving Natalee behind that unbearable that they felt obligated to mention this little tidbit. Of course, now we are compelled to ask: was over-drinking the reason that the friend was sick?

I also found it interesting that Elizabeth Cain and Katherine Whatley mentioned Natalee allegiance to the Bible Study Group. Both insist that they will never return to Aruba.

Now, Katherine Whatley (Auburn) will be testifying as to what she reported to the FBI:

HarryTho 3/30 Natalee Holloway Commentary :: Natalee Holloway :: Hyscience

Kathrine Madison Whatley 6/2

On Sunday night 05/29/2005 Whatley advised? a group of .... ate dinner. Holloway had a couple of alcoholic drinks .....
Holloway was drinking "red fires" which had "151" in them
......though she had a couple of drinks at dinner, Holloway "was not out of her mind".
While at dinner, Holloway was making a bet with whom Holloway would hook up Sunday night.
Whatley advised she did not actually make a bet
but just talking amongst other? girls.
Whatley thought that Holloway would hook up with Kevin Broday because Holloway was flirting with him.
After dinner, Whatley went to the ... casino with Holloway, Broughton, Merrill and Thorton? .
McV? had lost money the casino during the trip and
they went to the casino to help McV? win...They sat at a blackjack table. Holloway was not
Can John Q. Kelly be intending to depose Katherine Whatley? Clearly, to what Katherine will testify is not supportive of a wholesome picture of Natalee Holloway. Accordingly, I have to conclude that John Q Kelly gathered as many affidavits as he could for his response, regardless of their value. We must remember that some 120-plus students and chaperones accompanied Natalee to Aruba. Since only seven (7) provided affidavits, are we to conclude that the other 113-plus refused to do so? Or, are the other 113-plus students and chaperones comfortable with being deposed anywhere?

This question over the disposition of the other 113-plus students and chaperones calls into question Cadet Brian Riser's responsibility to the West Point Honor Code. He is required to speak the truth at all times, regardless of the forum. So, what is all this about an affidavit suggesting a hesitation to testify in Aruba? We must be reminded that Cadet Brian Riser is en route to becoming an esteemed member of the Long Gray Line. He will lead our young men and women into battle ... an environment far more challenging than Beth Twitty & Dave Holloway's corrosive and abusive appraisal of Aruba.

Next, Helen Lajuez relates an enticing story about a Ms. Doe who claims to have been taken advantage of by Joran van der Sloot. Amazingly, Helen Lajuez raises the chimera of sinister affairs in Aruba, preventing Ms. Doe from testifying. However, Helen Lajuez does not include an affidavit from Ms. Doe affirming a willingness to testify in New York. Even Helen Lajuez admits there exists only a possibility of a testimony. And, we must remember that Ms. Doe has not been cross-examined. Helen Lajuez provides an affidavit that borders more on wishful thinking, or creative thinking. Without Ms. Doe's testimony, Helem Lajuez' affidavit is meaningless ... nothing more than a rabbit-in-a-hat stunt.

Lastly, the Aruban Prosecutor Karin Janssen mentions the alleged unwillingness of witnesses to testify in Aruba. Of course, the unwillingness of witnesses to testify must be the reason that she has been unable to identify one reliable witness in her 10 month investigation. Why didn't we think of that? Naturally, the witnesses will come in droves when the case is moved to Manhattan where Arubans get served lawsuits, harassed and are terroristicly threatened by a wealthy American swinging a bat and employing "agents" to seek them out for a little chat. After reading Karin Janssen's letter to John Q. Kelly, I am not surprised anymore why she got nowhere with this investigation in Aruba. Clearly, she is just trying to stave off the humiliation of coming up with squat for 10 months.

I will pass on the affidavit of Beth Twitty. Whatever she writes will be addressed in cross-examination in due time. Atonement approaches.

With Aloha,

Posted by Richard at April 14, 2006 6:28 AM

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