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April 13, 2006

HarryTho 3/12 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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First, tonight we will look over Dave Holloway's book. His book is attracting good sales volume at Barnes & Noble. This morning, his book was ranked under 100 which translates into best seller ... at least for the first few days.

Reviews on his book continue to hug the boundaries of approval and disapproval. Either persons enjoy what Dave wrote, or they speak out against his premature publishing. And, there exists those who disclaim any evidence contained within the book. Whatever the case, Dave's book is selling well. Amazon has commenced recording reviews, and these reviews follow those at Barnes & Noble. Aruba : The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise: Books: Dave Holloway,R. Stephanie..

What this outpouring of support indicates is that it might be difficult for Joran van der Sloot to get a fair trial in the United States of America ... anywhere. The book could be used as a forum disqualifier. I have never read of case like this, but it seems to me that an argument could be made to eliminate a jury trial. An American poll, taken by AOL, some time ago, had the American public at some 75% that Joran van der Sloot was guilty. 70% shouts loudly at the questionable fairness one could experience in a civil procedure with a jury. The case has been over-publicized, and I feel safe to offer that the American public has been inundated and brainwashed by the cable news media. And lastly, we have to revisit John Q. Kelly's ability to sway jury trials.

As for the cover of Dave's Book, this photograph of Natalee Holloway better presents her personality than the still photo that Dave presents:


(picture from Refugees)

Natalee Holloway was a good time girl. She enjoyed the company of her friends. To promote her as a canonized religious institution does disservice to the events, as they unfolded in Aruba. Additionally, Dave's contention toward corruption in Aruba bogs down with the front cover.

This picture from the Refugees is probably more appropriate to the contents of Dave Holloway's book in order to provide some form of insight into what occurred in Aruba.


(picture from Refugees)

Rita of MSNBC News interviews Tracey Allan, Joe Tacopina and Dave Holloway. Tracey was the gal who reported being accosted on the Marriott Beach a few days before Natalee allegedly disappeared on that beach. Now, Tracey claims she feels the man who accosted her could commit rape or murder. She, now, calls him a sexual predator.

The Aruban police issued a sketch of the man. In my opinion, his face resembles that of Larry Garrison.

Joe Tacopina just reiterates his old line ... many leads leading away from Joran van der Sloot. Joe feels that there was a concerted effort in order to nail Joran.

Dave Holloway claims he and Art Wood investigated the predator on the Marriott Beach. Additionally, Dave claims that he is the one that reported the license plate of the car for someone who looked like the predator to the police. Then, Dave commences his usual downgrade of the Aruban police.

Dave revisits "no body, no crime." He laments the confidence that accompanies a statement like: "no body, no crime."

My apologies for not commenting on the Kelly Response on the Motion to Dismiss ( Hollowayaffirmation4-11-2006.pdf, Hollowayfiling4-11-2006.pdf). My computer refuses to read the pdf file. Additionally, my software lacks the right upgrade in order to upload a newer version of Adobe Acrobat (if that could be the problem).

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Posted by Richard at April 13, 2006 12:00 AM

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