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April 21, 2006

France Surrenders Again - Redux

Topics: International News

Quick quotes:
"As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure." (Jacques Chirac, President of France).
"As far as France is concerned, you're right." (Rush Limbaugh)


Infamous for their propensity to surrender, the French government has found even more reasons for surrendering - this time from more of their own laws:

In the nearly two weeks since French officials backed down from a controversial youth labor law under pressure from millions of protesters in the streets nationwide, the government has started retreating from laws -- large and small -- on subjects that include smoking, pollution and flea markets.

"The government leaders are so frightened they cannot move," said Claude Evin, a former French health minister who has spent years advocating smoking bans and other health-related initiatives. "They are startled by their own shadow. France is facing a terrible situation with such leaders."

So how does one best describe a government of cowards, unable to govern?

Perhaps they should be called a government of cowards, unable to govern - you know, like the U.S. Senate and the Democrats in Congress, who showed their backsides to a bunch of rioting illegal immigrants and Mexican Aztlan proponents. Having so often criticized the French government's cowardice, I now find no difference between the French governments surrender to mob rule and rioting over the nation's laws, and the U.S. Senate's cowardice before the protests supporting the mostly Mexican illegal immigrants marching through the streets of American cities and waving Mexican flags and signs telling Americans to leave "their" continent:

Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and their supporters began marching in our streets, protesting the House bill, and demanding the passage of the Senate version. They waved Mexican flags and signs telling Americans to leave "their" continent, until they were warned by protest organisers (Worker's World Party and ANSWER) to tone it down. Who are they to tell Americans what laws to pass? Since when do people who have broken our laws think they have the right to tell us that we have no right to enforce the laws they don't like? The illegals believe that they can intimidate Americans into ignoring and changing our laws to suit them through sheer numbers. Sadly, when it comes to politicians, they may be right.
Let's face it, our politicians are no different than the french. Not only do they place politics before the interests of the nation - they also have no cojones!

Posted by Richard at April 21, 2006 9:06 AM

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